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In September, CSG in partnership with our security vendors saw a surge in emails containing fake invoices that are in fact malicious attachments.

The emails often used known brands like Bank of America to spread their malicious material, hoping innocent users would open the wrong attachment and thereby give the cybercriminals access to the corporate network.

Even with a name like ‘InvoiceFaker.exe’ it can be hard for regular users to realise things are not right before clicking the wrong attachment. Some cybercriminals even go as far as monitoring email communication for a period of time to be able to replicate emails to make them appear to be from a current vendor of the company in question.

All businesses need to make sure that as cybercriminals get more sophisticated, the company’s cyber security solution gets more advanced too.

We can help provision a robust security system for your organisation through a range of comprehensive IT security services.

Please contact us to review your security strategy and provide advice on how secure your systems really are.

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