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Switching IT support is a big decision for any business, and not one to be taken lightly. There may be plenty of support companies who look good on paper, but how do you know they can really deliver the service they promise? In an ideal world you'd be able to try out the service first. Well that's exactly what CSG offer.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, CSG are able to offer expert advice and support on a comprehensive range of Microsoft products for businesses, and we believe we have one of the best Microsoft support teams in the business. We’re so confident that we can give you a better service than your current provider that we are prepared to carry out a Network and Security Audit for your business, completely free of charge and without obligation.

This audit will help identify any potential problems with your system which could cause more significant problems further down the line if not addressed soon. If your current provider has failed to identify and diagnose these issues, then it’s probably time to consider a new support company!

The free audit covers:

  • · Internet speeds: If these are slower than they should be, we’ll tell you why and recommend a solution.
  • · Email: The audit will diagnose any problems and suggest how they can be resolved.
  • · PCs, servers and other hardware: Unstable hardware will be diagnosed and any weak points in your systems.
  • · Telecoms systems and call packages: We’ll evaluate these and recommend any potential cost savings.
  • · Backup systems: These will be checked to see whether they are really robust and are providing full security for your data; the audit also checks how easily your data can be restored.
  • · System speeds: If your system runs slower than it could, we’ll tell you why.
  • · Software: If some applications are slow to load, our audit will diagnose the problem.
  • · General: We’ll take a broader look at your systems and identify where your current technology may be inadequate and preventing you from achieving your business objectives, for example, inefficient systems architecture, older versions of software, or insufficient processing power.

Once we’ve carried out this audit we’ll prepare a written report highlighting any problems and explaining how CSG would resolve these if you were to appoint us as your IT support company. Remember, the audit is free and without obligation – we can’t say fairer than that!

To book your free Network and Security Evaluation, call CSG on 0845 051 5506 or email: we’ll be delighted to answer any questions you have.

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