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Fibre broadband is currently rolling out across the UK, with many millions of businesses already able to take advantage.

It’s having a massive impact for small and medium sized businesses in particular though. Helping them enjoy benefits that until now, have been reserved for larger corporate enterprises.

Is your business eligible for the SuperConnected grant of as much as £3,000?

Your business could be eligible for the SuperConnected voucher scheme! This means that you could get the grant of up to £3,000 – entirely governement funded – to help with the installation of superfast fibre broadband for you and your business.

Not only do you make an instant saving, your business will also benefit from:

  • Increased productivity which results in more revenue
  • Better communication with your customers and staff
  • A more reliable, consistent and quicker service – even during the busiest times of day
  • Unified communications – as superfast broadband allows you to move form traditional telephony to hosted telephony
  • Faster download / upload speeds to increase productivity and efficiency
  • Cloud storage which saves you money on server costs and improves data security

However there’s more!

CSG can provide you with a free, no obligation report that will detail the following:

  • What types of technology are available at your business address
  • Initial pricing for high speed internet services
  • How the scheme will help your business grow
  • Why not contact us today to get your free report?

E-mail us at with “SuperConnected” as the subject! Not only will you get your report – we will also provide you with advice, recommendations and tips on how superfast broadband you can improve your business.

More than 3,500 businesses have already taken advantage of this opportunity and are benefiting from a better, more reliable broadband service!

It’s not every day the government gives out £150 million for free! Although that sounds a lot… the grant fund will be gone as soon as the word begins to spread!

Want to claim yours? Call us on 0330 400 5465 or e-mail us on with "SuperConnected" as the heading and claim your FREE, no obligation report!

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