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A firewall can be hardware, software or a combination of the two and it is the first essential layer of defence when it comes to preventing cyber attacks. Whether you are a cloud-based business or not, you still need a firewall to protect your network since important company data is protected and stored by the cloud hosting provider.

How Firewalls Can Protect Your Business…

  • Monitors Network Traffic

Data coming in and out of your systems creates opportunities for threats to compromise your operations. By monitoring and analysing network traffic, firewalls keep your systems protected by proactively blocking potential threats. With a well-trained team of IT professionals it is easy to manage protection levels through the flow of activity in and out of your firewall.

  • Prevents Virus Attacks

Virus’s and threats are constantly evolving and it is important that you have a firewall in place that proactively anticipates a virus and stops it in its tracks. Sophos XG Firewall prevents virus attacks by controlling your system’s entry points and stopping threats causing detriment to your network.

  • Prevents You Getting Hacked

By businesses moving to more internet-based operations, negative opportunists and bad actors are then invited to follow suit. With the rise of data theft and cyber attacks holding systems hostage, firewalls have become more important than ever before. They are needed to prevent hackers from gaining access to your data, systems and more in an unauthorised way. A firewall can deflect potential threats to an easier target and completely stop them right in their tracks.

  • Stops Spyware

In a data-driven world a block from spyware is crucial for your business. Criminals are increasing the ways they are entering your network and endpoints- most commonly by integrating malware and spyware into them in any way they can. However, firewalls can put a stop to this and are an important blockade when it comes to malicious attacks.

  • Promotes Privacy

Firewalls help to promote privacy for your company because they not only provide you with complete protection due to monitoring the flow of activity that comes in and out of your machines/network, they also promote privacy as they enable you to store data securely without the risk of any potential threats being able to access it. Firewalls are definitely a crucial layer of cyber security for any business.


62% of businesses experienced phishing and social engineering attacks in 2018

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