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CSG prides itself on total PC and network protection. One of the programs we use is the Sophos XG Firewall. Firewalls are extremely important if you want to fully block any risks when searching the world wide web. Firewalls can help stop attacks, block pop ups and any other risky sites you could accidentally stumble upon. Thus, firewalls are a part of advanced internet security and Sophos XG firewall takes protection to the next level.

The Sophos XG Firewall is the most unique and protective firewall yet providing world-class protection, detection, visibility and response. 

It exposes hidden risks, stops unknown threats and cuts off and isolates any infected systems to stop them infecting other machines in your network.

See below to view the latest CSG Sophos XG Datasheet and see the benefits.

SOPHOS XG Firewall Datasheet

To find out more about Sophos XG Firewall call us on 0330 400 5465

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