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HP showed off eight new mobile devices last week that it says cater to specific industries such as retail, health care and third sector.

The company is betting that new features, alongside its security and management services, will make the devices stand out in the enterprise market against competing devices H-P accuses of being “force fit” to meet business needs. The devices include both tablets and so-called 2-in-1 devices that provide laptop-like functionality. The devices will run on Microsoft Windows operating system and Google Android OS.

As mobile devices change the way people work – salespeople using tablets to pitch potential customers, or manufacturers using tablets on the factory floor – H-P says other products in the market are often “force fit” into the enterprise with no real thought toward how it can actually help businesses. On top of that, they may be less secure and harder for users to manage, the company said.

The company said in October last year it would break into two separate publicly traded companies, seeing better long-term potential for corporate hardware and services business than for its printer and PC unit.

With the rollout, HP is also betting on the growth of tablets in the enterprise. Tablets were a natural outgrowth from H-P’s strength in the traditional PC market, but that down the road it could focus on smartphones, wearables or the sensors that power the Internet of Things.

HP also hopes the devices will appeal to companies preparing for the launch of Windows 10.

The move comes after Apple and International Business Machines Corp. announced a partnership to deliver industry-specific applications for companies to run on Apple’s iOS platform.

As a HP preferred partner, CSG are recognised and authorised to supply and support the wide range of HP products such as laptops, tablets, desktops, monitors, printers and servers to name but a few.

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