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We all know that there are many benefits to incorporating cloud services into your business- its fast, it's secure and can be cheap- in the fact that the use of your mobile and laptop to perform work has decreased hardware storage costs. There are also no restrictions on the number of employees that can access the cloud at any given time so it has massively improved scalability- employees can scale up whenever they choose. So, it really has become a backbone for remote working...or has it?

With internet access, you have full accessibility to The Cloud at any given time- this is especially a positive if your company works on a flexible-working basis. This is why more and more businesses are moving to the cloud.

“Did you know 85% Of enterprises are keeping sensitive data in the cloud?”

The fact the cloud can be used to store data in a secure way and can even be used as a source of back-up recovery just emphasises that it has transformed the way people are working.

Communication has never been easier with Office 365. Microsoft Teams Direct Routing allows you to communicate fully with anyone and everyone with internet access, making those team meetings easier, and your remote working experience a little less lonely.

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