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How can you make meetings work for your business? Luckily, technology has come a long way in recent years and now it's easier than ever to meet with your team in a virtual office. So what can you do?

Invest in Unified Communications

A great unified communications bolt-on can change the way your business conducts meetings. You can go one step further than a simple voice conference as well.

Cloud-based meeting services allow staff to be “always on” in a virtual room that they can access whenever they need to. With staff having their own rooms, they can have off the cuff meetings as well as planned sessions as well. The best bit? They come with video conferencing, desktop sharing and multiparty chat as standard.

There’s no delay as it’s a simple click to join, people are less likely to be distracted with the video conferencing, you can send instant messages throughout the meeting so questions can be answered in real-time and since you will be screen sharing, everyone will be on the same page eliminating any confusion.

What are the benefits of investing in Unified Communications?

Embrace the Modern Workplace

With just 6% of the UK’s workforce with set working hours of 9 to 5, more and more people are citing flexible hours as the main perk they are looking for in a role. Having the ability for staff to check-in from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection, means you’ll be able to attract talent from further afield.

Streamline Your Systems

With clear, clever features, Unified Communications features can remove the burden from your in-house IT team. Your IT provider would even be able to manage everything within the communication environment.

Improve Productivity

If your staff have Unified Communications, it can be integrated onto their work phones as well. They can have everything they need at their fingertips, even if they’re not sat at a desk. If a member of your team needs to be at home for any reason, they are still able to work and connect with the office team!

Integrated Disaster Recovery

Unified communications significantly enhances business continuity plans and disaster recovery. As everything is integrated into one platform, staff can easily share and receive information without having to switch between platforms. With access to the company directory from a mobile, your team can easily contact the right people if a situation arises and they need to work remotely.

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