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Phishing defences: why a multi-layered approach is what you need!

Protecting your organisation is of the utmost importance. 

Especially if you’re dealing with sensitive files, data and information.  

With an enormous increase in cyber breaches occurring in the past year, it’s paramount that security and safety are at the top of your list.  

In fact, 61% of organisations had seen an increase in attempted cyberattacks, and 53% say they had withstood an attack themselves in 2020. 

Here at CSG, we prioritise security.  We ensure the best systems are in place to protect your precious files and there is a plan in case disaster strikes. 

In fact – a staggering number of attacks come from user errors, stemming from phishing emails…

Phishing is when attackers attempt to trick users into doing ‘the wrong thing’, such as clicking a bad link that will download malware, or direct them to a dodgy website.

Phishing can be conducted via a text message, social media, or by phone, but the term ‘phishing’ is mainly used to describe attacks that arrive by email. 

These emails can reach millions of users directly, and hide amongst the huge number of benign emails that busy users receive. Attacks can install malware (such as ransomware), sabotage systems, or steal intellectual property and money.

Typical defences against phishing often rely exclusively on users being able to spot phishing emails. 

This approach will only have limited success.

Instead, you should aim to widen your defences to include more technical measures, improving your resilience against phishing attacks without disrupting the productivity of your users. You’ll have multiple opportunities to detect a phishing attack, and then stop it before it causes harm, whilst reducing the damage attacks can do!

  1. Make it difficult for attackers to reach your users
  2. Help users identify and report suspected phishing emails
  3. Protect your organisation from the effects of undetected phishing emails
  4. Respond quickly to incidents 

CSG’s experts, implement tailored and thorough solutions, to ensure the above is taken care of efficiently and effectively.  

Not only do we work alongside you to deliver the desired outcome, but we’re also able to continue our cybersecurity relationship with our managed support.

Dedicated support for your systems and data 24/7 – all monitored by our team of experts.  

Meaning we don’t just reduce the risk of problems, but we have experts on hand to help should a breach happen, and a backup plan ready to help you get back on your feet. 

If you’d like to work alongside our experts to build a multi-layered approach to your security, then we’d love to hear from you! 

Reach out to our experts and we’ll help you give your business the security boost it needs …


Feel CSG could be the expert partner you need to protect your I.T. systems? Please get in touch, and one of our experts will be happy to assist you … Tel: 0330 400 5465

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