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Hybrid Working With 365

As the working world around us constantly changes, the hybrid nature of many workplaces has had to evolve and develop accordingly.  Here at CSG, we’re passionate about helping SME’s to level up their systems and gain that hybrid working advantage.  

Accredited partners of Microsoft, CSG’s experts are in the best position to provide you with the best service for the best price.   Together with Microsoft, we can offer a comprehensive stack of technologies to help your business flourish.

Collaborative applications open up tremendous new economic opportunities for businesses, with over 145 million people using Microsoft Teams every day, our partners can reach more users and deepen the usage of their solutions.

Microsoft Teams + Dynamics 365 collaborative app experience

Microsoft, have built collaborative apps from the ground up with new products like Microsoft Viva and extending existing products like Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Utilising Dynamics 365 in Microsoft Teams, ensures more people across departments and roles, can find, view, and update records ensuring the right individuals can take the next best action faster and more efficiently. At Microsoft Inspire, we’re also announcing that Dynamics 365 users can invite any Microsoft Teams user within the organization to view and contribute to customer records at no additional licensing cost. 

Such updates are rapidly increasing business efficiency, enabling teams to work collaboratively to increase productivity and the happiness of employees. 

Partners building collaborative apps in Microsoft Teams

Confluence Cloud by Atlassian is now available in Teams.  This collaborative app integrates right where people work—in chat, meetings, and channels. 

Confluence Cloud in Teams is designed to enable more effective meetings where users can take notes with a Confluence notes panel inside a Teams meeting. 

Confluence makes team notes digestible and action-oriented and allows users to format notes such as action items, decisions, code snippets, mentions, and tables. These notes are then formatted and automatically shared in a Teams channel.

The ServiceNow app for Teams is available now and is designed to improve employee collaboration and productivity by optimizing workflows for IT, HR, Facilities, and other departments. 

With ServiceNow’s AI-powered Virtual Agent chatbot surfacing right where work happens in Teams, employees can quickly get information and resolve issues without contacting an agent or a help desk employee. 

The Virtual Agent can easily make requests and perform routine work tasks—such as automating password resets, ordering a new laptop, or scheduling time off—via chat in Teams, and it can seamlessly transfer complex issues to the right human agent when needed using the Microsoft Graph. in Teams incorporates project building blocks such as boards, views, charts, and automation into the flow of everyday work. 

The project views have Teams channel, chat, and individual context taking advantage of multiple areas of Teams extensibility. 

Most importantly, these different contexts provide information on projects across a user’s experience, making work more seamless throughout the day.

Salesforce for Teams is now available. With this collaborative app, sales and service teams using Salesforce Sales Cloud or Service Cloud can bring account data and records into their Teams workspace for better collaboration and decision making. 

With the app, users can pin Salesforce records to channels, chats, and calendar meetings to easily keep access to them—with an expanded set of supported Salesforce records, including Custom Objects. 

Additionally, Salesforce records can be directly updated from Teams, the Chatter feed of Salesforce can be records pinned on tabs, and Salesforce records can be mentioned in Teams channels and chats to facilitate collaboration.

Workday in Teams will release an update shortly to add a new Teams tab experience to help users complete workflows and tasks via a clickable UI. 

Today the app can be used to reduce the friction needed to complete everyday HR and finance tasks in the flow of work. 

With Workday in Microsoft Teams, employees can book time off, snap a picture of their receipt to create a new expense item, give their coworkers feedback directly from Teams, and gather interview feedback on a job candidate.

SAP Sales Cloud in Teams is coming later this year to simplify remote sales processes and allow sales professionals to fully focus on their customer engagements. 

Users can easily set up meetings from the SAP system without switching applications. During a customer call, all information will be accessible in Microsoft Teams via an embedded SAP Sales Cloud application. 

Finally, all information, including meeting recording and notes, will get automatically synced back to SAP Sales Cloud in real-time using a Teams meetings app.

Future Proof Your Business With CSG

With Microsoft being such a forward-thinking company, investing in their software not only propels you into efficient, hybrid working at present but also future proofs your business.  Not least the fact that utilising CSG ensures the most cost-effective strategy will be in place to reduce costs, and boost productivity. 

CSG has been providing expert solutions since 1985, and we’ve developed a reputation that we’re proud of.  Our expertise has allowed us to develop an extensive list of partners, with Microsoft being one of them, we’re in the best position to implement the best I.T. strategy for your business!

Feel CSG could be the expert partner you need to level up your I.T. systems? Please get in touch, and one of our experts will be happy to assist you … Tel: 0330 400 5465 Email: Web:

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