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Reduce costs, improve customer service and drive revenues in your business by reviewing your telecoms.

Did you know at any one time, one in three businesses are reviewing their telecoms? They look to reduce cost, improve customer service and drive revenues.

CSG has a range of telecoms services which will enable you to meet your business objectives. So whether you are simply looking to save costs on ISDN/PSTN, or are looking to transition to SIP, we can help you.

We put ourselves in your shoes and wondered what the benefits of a Hosted System to our clients could be. Here our Telecoms Engineer, Will Dearden gives his top three.

1. Save money

Introducing Hosted Voice to the business is an opportunity to show you’re willing to invest in the future. CSG’s clients remove traditional ISDN costs and most of their PSTN costs. As well as saving an additional 40-50% on calls. This means you get a more agile phone system in a cost-neutral or cost saving exercise.

2. Make your offering worthwhile

With competition knocking on the door, it’s important to know you’re doing everything you can to keep them away. Adding Hosted Telecoms to your business increases the stickiness of your products or solutions. Allowing you to breathe a little more easily when it comes to servicing clients!

3. It’s just so easy

CSG’s Hosted Voice solutions are easy to use, easy to deploy and easy to maintain. Our legacy in communications means we have plenty to help you. This includes fully qualified, certified engineers, pre-built platforms and on-going training.

By choosing CSG you will work with an experienced provider who can offer the technology, support and expertise to help your business prepare for an agile workforce in readiness for the ISDN switch off in 2025.

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