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Are you still undecided if your business should upgrade to Windows 10? Do you think your business can stay on Windows 7? Find out why it is essential to upgrade to Windows 10 before the January 14th deadline.

1: Your business will be open to cyber attacks

60% of medium sized businesses and 61% of large businesses surveyed, reported a cyber-attack in early 2019. The average cost? £22,700. Microsoft have released a warning outlining a flaw in the system for all products below Windows 10, exposing them to a serious vulnerability. Do you really want to risk this? Could you afford to risk this?

2. You won’t get support from Microsoft

Currently, Windows 7 is in its extended support stage. This means that Microsoft will keep patching and updating. For now. When it hits end of life on January 14th 2020, they won’t be issuing updates and they won’t be making fixes; because of this, you will open your business up to hacks, viruses, malware and other security flaws.

3. You won’t be GDPR compliant

Because you will knowingly leave your systems open to an attack, you will face a hefty fine if a data breach were to happen. The ICO states: A key principle of the GDPR is that you process personal data securely by means of ‘appropriate technical and organisational measures.’ 

4. You’ll miss out on new security features

Windows 10 brings with it Windows Hello for Business. This can replace passwords with two-factor authentication instead. This can minimise the chance employees will expose passwords in the event of a phishing attack and they won’t have to keep remembering strong passwords for different logins.

5. You won’t lose important applications

On the plus, if you’re concerned about losing applications when you migrate across, Microsoft have already remedied this. 99% of apps available on Windows 7 are compatible with Windows 10 and Microsoft are working on that pesky 1% to fix any compatibility issues.

Businesses don’t really have much choice when it comes to upgrading to Windows 10, especially when their IT providers won’t be able to support them any longer if they don’t. With just over two months to go, you should have already upgraded or be in the process of doing so.

If you’re not, get in touch with your IT provider before time runs out.

Don't get caught out, upgrade today or call our team on 0330 400 5465.

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