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Todays network attacks centre on the user, making users the weakest link in the security chain. Statistics reveal that 80% of risk are caused by users.

A network generates huge amount of data. This data contains enough cues to offer patterns of human behaviour that can be used to predict and prevent attacks. However, comprehending and correlating data out of various logs and reports to get meaningful information requires time and skills. It also carries the risk of human oversight. Organisations need a security model to harness this information and start interpreting network traffic as user-generated traffic comprising of intentional and unintentional acts.

CSG can work with you to deploy intelligent Cyberoam Next Generation firewalls that will help control the security risks that your internal staff unknowingly bring. The User Threat Quotient (UTQ) from Cyberoam harnesses information derived out of network traffic and offers patterns of user behaviour to determine risky users in a network.

Available on Cyberoam’s Next-Generation Firewall and UTM appliances the User Threat Quotient helps CSOs / IT security managers by:

– Spotting risky users at a glance
without manual efforts to co-relate
network logs and reports

– Eliminating the risk of error and
while dealing with huge
amount of data contained in network
logs and reports

– Removing complexity in analysing
terabytes of logs
 to identify user
behaviour by making actionable security
intelligence readily available

– Facilitating corrective actions by
fine-tuning user policies
 and managing
risks arising from privileged users

– Eliminating the need for SMBs to
invest in separate SIEM tools
 to spot
risky users

– Enabling investigation into the spread
of risk within the network
 with useful
insights into network activities of
risky users

– Allowing administrators to identify and
educate users
 who pose security risks

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