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Over the past two years, we has seen a 300% increase in our customers adopting a hybrid cloud solution. Previously, 8% of our customers’ IT projects used a hybrid cloud and now 32% are seeing the benefits of retaining their services onsite whilst also moving services offsite to the data centre.

When our customers approach us about the cloud, we explain that it is not a ‘one size fits all’. Some businesses believe that they either have to choose to keep all their data onsite or have it offsite. However, this is not the case, as a hybrid solution means that you can choose where your data is placed. This then creates more flexibility for businesses because it means they are not restricted by the limitations of keeping services onsite or moving everything offsite. Instead, businesses can have their dedicated servers and the cloud working in harmony to provide them with the best possible service.

A hybrid cloud is also becoming popular because it helps to address security concerns as organisations have the choice to keep sensitive data in-house. As businesses are also using multiple partners they can benefit from improved disaster recovery, meaning that data security is even more reliable. Finally, CSG has seen the popularity of a hybrid cloud rise because of its ability to be more cost effective. A hybrid cloud is created to suit an organisations specific requirements so they can ensure that it spends their money where it is needed.

We believe that it is all about matching the right solution to the right business. If you feel that your current needs are not being met by keeping all services onsite but also dubious about moving everything offsite, then a hybrid cloud is a fantastic solution. One of our customers, Bro Myrddin Housing Association, recently moved to a hybrid cloud and they explained why it suited their business in a recent blog post.

Try our FREE cloud assessment

If you are still unsure whether a hybrid cloud is the right solution for your business, we offer a free cloud assessment to everyone. This assessment involves our team meeting you to discuss what you need from the cloud and we will offer advice on the best way forward for your business. We are Microsoft Cloud Partners and have worked with a variety of customers on their move to the cloud, so we understand what works and what doesn’t. This is a consultative service and completely free, so if you want to enquire about this assessment do not hesitate to get in touch!

For more information on a hybrid cloud and the other cloud solutions available please call our team on 0330 400 5465.

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