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Rhys is here with us on work experience from Caldicot Comprehensive School. Working with our marketing manager, let's see what he's been up to.

Today I looked at how to create a content plan when advertising a new product to the target audience. It includes: planning and writing blogs to go on the website, social media posts, videos, client emails, prospect emails, data sheets and thought leadership pieces.

All of the above will be used as a way of sending new information to customers and prospects.

The Digital Marketing Manager also took me through modernising the work space. This includes installing new technology, up to date systems, Office 365, cloud telephony and having up-to-date security measures. I was also shown the importance of a modern work space. Businesses that don’t keep up with technology are more likely to suffer a cyber attack.

The final thing the Digital Marketing Manager went over with me was how you prepare for an event. This included talking about how to decide on the venue you will be using, asking questions such as capacity, transport links, where people check in, where the rooms being used are located, is there WiFi to be made available and what food can be provided.

Tomorrow is Rhys' last day and he will be off to the Celtic Manor to learn more about event planning!

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