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A Smart Cybersecurity Approach Starts With Assessing

Bench mark your security approach and systems against proven frameworks to protect your organisation against ransomware, CEO fraud and other cyber threats that will provide disruption to your services. 

The goal of CSG’s proactive cyber risk assessment service is to identify your security strengths and weaknesses, and to provide advice as to the improvements you should be considering relative to your security posture.

Our Assessment

The assessment will span the five core areas of the framework as detailed below, and this end report will show you results against the framework, as well as how your business aligns to other firms with respect to size, location, and industry.

We will provide you with a detailed risk assessment report, identifying critical security risks, and a plan for addressing them. The assessment includes an outline of the top risks, the impact it has on your organisation and remediation recommendations and expert advice, based on global recognised frameworks.

“89% of businesses see Cyber Security as a top priority”

“52% of data breaches feature hacking”

“75% of businesses agree Cyber Security should be regularly updated”

“32% of data breaches are caused by phishing emails”

What does it include?

Assessments are an essential for businesses to run effectively, they ensure that everything is running smoothly and if not, allow time to make changes incase something happens that could jeopardise important data.

Our assessment includes

  • Proactive approach to meeting the Cyber Threat
  • A comprehensive security assessment
  • Risk heat map
  • Remediation recommendations
  • All with easy to understand processes.


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