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Phishing is still going to be the top attack trend this year. It's simple to deploy and has a relatively high success rate.

Now you may laugh at an email saying you’ve won millions and all they need is your bank details to transfer the money over, but some people are vulnerable to these attacks and have lost thousands of pounds to scam emails.

It only takes one email reply for scammers to make a profit; and they really don’t care if you are in debt, elderly or sick. They just want your money.

So how are attackers becoming savvier?

Using different types of email styles and phishing examples, it is now harder than ever to spot a phishing scam.


Spear phishing is one of the most common type of attack. Attackers will go after a certain individual instead of the masses. They do this by looking at social media sites, websites and wherever else their name appears. By doing this they can tailor the emails to look real.


This is one step up from spear phishing and is seen more often than not in people’s inboxes. Attackers will say they are from a legitimate company and will try and scare people into handing over their details. More often than not, threats of jail time and huge fines are found in these types of emails.


An email lands in your inbox. It’s from the managing director and they’re asking you to rush a payment through. It looks like their email and they have done this before. So you have no suspicions as you send the money. You give them a call to confirm payment has been made. They have no idea what you’re talking about. CEO fraud works by attackers stealing login details and sending out fraudulent emails which normally involve money.


Pharming is when an attacker sends people to a fraudulent site that is almost impossible to tell it’s not real. There doesn’t even need to be a malicious link involved. Attackers can infect a website DNS server and send people to a fake site, regardless of whether or not they type on the correct address.

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