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Sophos Managed Detection and Response is a fully managed 24/7 service delivered by experts who detect and respond to cyberattacks targeting your computers, servers, networks, cloud workloads, email accounts, and more.

Ransomware and Breach Prevention Services

The need for always-on security operations has become an imperative. However, the complexity of modern operating environments and the velocity of cyberthreats make it increasingly difficult for most organisations to successfully manage detection and response on their own.

With Sophos MDR and CSG, our expert team can help stop advanced human-led attacks. We take action to neutralise threats before they can disrupt your business operations or compromise your sensitive data. Sophos MDR is customisable with different service tiers, and can be delivered via our proprietary technology or using your existing cybersecurity technology investments.

Cybersecurity Delivered as a Service

Enabled by extended detection and response (XDR) capabilities that provide complete security coverage wherever your data reside, Sophos MDR can:

Detect more cyberthreats than security tools can identify on their own
Sophos tools automatically block 99.98% of threats, which enables our analysts to focus on hunting the most sophisticated attackers that can only be detected and stopped by a highly trained human.

Take action on your behalf to stop threats from disrupting your business
Our analysts detect, investigate, and respond to threats in minutes — whether you need full-scale incident response or help making accurate decisions.

Identify the root cause of threats to prevent future incidents
We proactively take actions and provide recommendations that reduce risk to your organisation. Fewer incidents mean less disruption for your IT and security teams, your employees, and your customers.

Compatible with the Cybersecurity Tools you may already have

Sophos and CSG offers you the technology you need to protect your business in 2024. Our analysts can leverage your existing cybersecurity technologies to detect and respond to threats. Sophos MDR is compatible with security telemetry from vendors such as Microsoft. Telemetry is automatically consolidated, correlated, and prioritised with insights from the Sophos Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem (ACE) and Sophos X-Ops threat intelligence unit.

MDR That Meets You Where You Are

Sophos MDR is customisable with different service tiers and threat response options. Let the CSG team help execute full-scale incident response, work with you to manage cyberthreats, or notify your internal security operation teams any time threats are detected. Our team quickly learns the who, what, when, and how of an attack. We can respond to threats in minutes.

Key Capabilities

24/7 Threat Monitoring and Response

We detect and respond to threats before they can compromise your data or cause downtime. Backed by six global security operations centres (SOCs), Sophos MDR provides around-the-clock coverage.

Compatible with Non-Sophos Security Tools

Sophos MDR can integrate telemetry from third-party endpoint, firewall, identity, email, and other security technologies as part of Sophos ACE.

Full-Scale Incident Response

When we identify an active threat, the Sophos MDR operations team can execute an extensive set of response actions on your behalf to remotely disrupt, contain and fully-eliminate the adversary.

Weekly and Monthly Reporting

CSG works with Sophos Central to provide your single dashboard for real-time alerts, reporting, and management. Weekly and monthly reports provide insights into security investigations, cyberthreats, and your security posture.

Sophos Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem

Sophos ACE automatically prevents malicious activity and enables us to search for weak signals for threats that require human intervention to detect, investigate, and eliminate.

Expert-Led Threat Hunting

Proactive threat hunts performed by highly-trained analysts uncover and rapidly eliminate more threats than security products can detect on their own. The Sophos MDR operations team can also use third-party vendor telemetry to conduct threat hunts and identify attacker behaviours that gathered detection from deployed toolsets.

Direct Call-in Support

CSG clients benefit from our 24 hour IT support desk, managed by top-end IT professionals. They are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year. Our technical staff are Sophos & Microsoft certified and work with all major technology vendors. This way we ensure the service and systems we provide are to the best possible standard.

Dedicated Incident Response Lead

Sophos provides customers with a Dedicated Incident Response Lead who collaborates with your internal team and CSG as soon as CSG identify an incident. We all then work with you until the incident is resolved.

Root Cause Analysis

Along with providing proactive recommendations to improve your security posture, we perform root cause analysis to identify the underlying issues that led to an incident. We give you prescriptive guidance to address security weaknesses so they cannot be exploited in the future.

Intelligence Briefings: “Sophos MDR ThreatCast”

Delivered by the Sophos MDR operations team, the “Sophos MDR ThreatCast” is a monthly briefing available exclusively to CSG x Sophos MDR customers. It provides insights into the latest threat intelligence and security best practices.

Sophos MDR Included Integrations

Security data from the following sources can be integrated for use. Telemetry sources are used to expand visibility across your environment, generate new threat detections and improve the fidelity of existing threat detections, conduct threat hunts, and enable additional response capabilities.

Add-On Integrations


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