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Tel:0330 400 5465

Using the CSG helpdesk will allow your organisation to benefit from our experience and knowledge, working with your in-house IT team or as a fully outsourced service.

Providing a helpdesk can become a cross to bear that your IT manager would be better off without. Whether you’re an SME or large business, if you need to provide IT support to users then look no further.

A single point of contact

Our 24 hour IT helpdesk creates a single point of contact for IT support from our dedicated experts. Just choose whether you want a remote or on-site help desk, and what hourly support you would like. We can set up a helpdesk facility within your building or take on the running of your current helpdesk.

Whether you choose to call it a customer support hotline, a PC helpline, a service desk or anything else, outsource your IT helpdesk with us, and we’ll provide:

  • Qualified IT support for your users
  • Services tailored to your needs
  • Call logging
  • Call monitoring
  • Escalation of complex queries

An outstanding opportunity

As businesses become more reliant on technology, and technology grows ever more complex, the prevalence of IT problems has increased dramatically.

So has the likelihood of problems having an impact on your business’s otherwise smooth running. Even those business with the most resources can find it difficult to keep up with the world of IT and to overcome obstacles.

Our helpdesk provides you and your users with an opportunity to gain access to specialised advice whenever you need it. We deal with a wide range of enquiries from general information to the diagnosis and resolution of highly technical problems.

The extra benefits of a CSG Outsourced Helpdesk

  • We take responsibility for every question, meaning your staff only need one point of contact.
  • Our staff take calls on every kind of question from every level of staff member and every kind of client
  • We provide seamless, multi-tiered helpdesk support and we can do so 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our wealth of experience, adaptability and commitment to SLA makes us the perfect partner for you. Why not contact us on or 0330 400 5465 to discuss further and see what we can do for you.

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