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Here’s Why Your Business Needs To Explore Air-Gapping and the Importance of Immutability ...

Backups simply aren’t enough anymore – Here’s Why Your Business Needs To Explore Air-Gapping and the Importance of Immutability …

Gone are the days when a simple backup will protect your organisation from cyberattacks, leaving I.T. professionals searching for the best way to protect their precious files and data. 

Data can still be breached, even with a backup, and the fact that over 50% of businesses experienced some sort of cyber breach in 2020, puts real pressure on directors and I.T. professionals to get ahead of the curve to protect their respective organisations. 

Working with leading I.T. Companies such as us here at CSG is a positive step in protecting your files and data and it also gives your business access to leading software and security practices that are being used at the highest level – such as Air – Gapping and Immutability. 

What is Air-gapping? 

An air gap is a network security measure employed on one or more computers to ensure that a secure computer network is physically isolated from unsecured networks, such as the public Internet or an unsecured local area network.

Air-gapping prevents hackers from accessing the data on your server remotely, as air-gapping keeps your stored data offline by default, this makes it much more difficult for a ransomware infection to spread to your backups.

What Is Immutability?

Immutability ensures that no one can edit or delete any of your files after you’ve uploaded them to the cloud. 

An immutable storage volume does not allow any data to be changed once it’s been written to disk meaning the data can be read, but not updated or deleted.

This means that even if you do get hit with ransomware, the ransomware cannot encrypt the data stored in the immutable storage volumes.

Why Should I Explore these? 

If you’re still relying on backups as your primary means of protecting your resources in the event of data loss due to a cyber-attack, it’s time to make the move away from these outdated methods and look at working with experts to protect your data. 

Whilst it may seem more convenient or cost-effective to stick to the backup method, they simply don’t provide enough protection anymore. 

And it means you need to be leveraging multiple layers of security if you want to keep your data safe from ransomware – which can cost more in the long run!

The future is in protection against cybercrime, not backup-centric restoration strategies that have been utilised for years.

Focusing on preventing ransomware infections from happening in the first place is a much better strategy and utilising air-gapped and immutable storage volumes may just be the best solution for your business.

Because, if the data is copied to immutable storage before any ransomware attacks your production systems and encrypts them, you don’t have to worry about losing access to your most critical digital assets and backups.

What’s Next? 

Working alongside our team of experts here at CSG is the best step forward in protecting your files and data, not least the fact that our professionals work towards a bespoke I.T. solution that accommodates your needs and solves your problems, but the fact we are a leading I.T. company that can provide you with the best and most efficient solutions for the very best prices. 

Matched with our customer service and our 365 managed support programme, you get a team of experts working alongside you to achieve the best cyber strategy possible, through proactive threat hunting and 24/7 support. 

If you’re looking to improve your I.T. ecosystem at your business or dial in on your cyber security we’d love to hear from you! 

Or you could book in for a FREE network audit, where we will issue a report which will display everything we have uncovered about your IT infrastructure during the audit. It will show what is working well for you and what needs improvement and could potentially allow risks to affect your business – BOOK HERE!

If you’d like to work with CSG then please do not hesitate to contact us below … Tel: 0330 400 5465 Or book a FREE network audit with our expert team.

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