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2014 was all about growth in platform as a service, encryption, the integration of analytics into everything, and the increasing popularity of cloud management solutions. Now all of the buzz now seems to be shifting towards the Internet of Things, with enterprise IT departments scrambling to keep up.

With this in mind, here is a roundup of what CSG’s analysts and experts say is in store for us in 2015…

Software Defined Storage will extend its reach to the cloud

“Software Defined Storage (SDS), with the ability to be deployed on different hardware and supporting rich automation capabilities, will extend its reach into cloud deployments and build a data fabric that spans premise and public clouds. SDS will provide a means for applications to access data uniformly across clouds and simplifies the data management aspects of moving existing applications to the cloud.”

The Internet of Things will bring new security vulnerabilities

“Expect to see data security threats to move beyond corporate networks and traditional end-user devices. With everything from printers, SmartTVs, appliances, and wearable computers connected to the cloud, we expect to see new threats emerging in 2015 that will exploit this vastly expanding array of data-connected end point.”

Security to become shared responsibility

“Whilst a data breach is seen as bad for business, the attitudes to ownership and responsibility are mixed. Some of the well documented breaches in 2014 underline the point that security should be viewed as a shared responsibility that reaches well beyond the traditional view of it residing in a single department.”

Networking, latency key bottlenecks in 2015

“Having optimal cloud compute and storage specs does not alone ensure the best possible cloud performance. The performance of your network can be equally and sometimes more important, than the quality of your Internet infrastructure. This year, Internap found that networks only deliver data over the best path 15 percent of the time, which is a huge issue for companies that are hosting their mission-critical applications in the cloud and need to ensure high-speed access. I expect 2015 will be the year when more companies that have invested heavily in Internet infrastructure will take a closer look at how they can improve their network to ensure the best possible performance.”

Internet of Things middleware needs a common standard

“Enterprises will continue to use a combination of existing middleware and emerging M2M integration approaches for meeting the requirements of specific IoT use cases. Cloud-based IoT platforms will continue to gain traction and play a key role in the first wave of IoT adoption by enterprises. However, a lack of common (vendor and platform-agnostic) connectivity standards will hinder wider IoT adoption, especially from the perspective of enterprise IoT initiatives of reasonable scale.”

Cloud verticalisation will increase

“As cloud platforms continue to mature, and more organisations are drawn to the financial and innovative benefits, cloud is spurring interest from even those industries that have been hesitant. Think of those most beset with regulation, compliance and privacy: government, life sciences, financial and healthcare.”

Big data turned small again

“Over the past five years, organizations have been lured away from focusing on how to exploit the value of internal data by the hype with big data and its promises promoted by vendors. However, with organizations realising the difficulty of turning complex data into meaningful information, business leaders will return to making the most of the large volumes of data already sitting within their four walls.”

What do you think 2015 will bring to the tech world?

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