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LINX recently launched its first regional peering point in Cardiff and are planning to establish more in a number of other regions where there is significant internet traffic.

This was excellent opportunity to hear about those future plans by LINX, but also a chance to meet and greet other parties who were significantly involved.

Under the Super Connected Cities programme, Cardiff Council has secured funding for a Peering Grant scheme for businesses to connect at the new Internet Exchange Point.

This will help SMEs to peer with other organisations which will:

  • Improve speeds within the city
  • Provide resilience nationally
  • Help attract further investment by reducing barriers to entry
  • Reduce costs to end users (as a result of creating greater competition in the local ISP market)
  • Create an infrastructure that will support rapid expansion

The majority of the major intersections of the internet in the UK are located in London. There are a small number outside, but none in Wales or the South West in general. So, for example, if someone in Cardiff is using the internet to communicate with someone else in Cardiff, it is the norm for the data to go Cardiff-London-Cardiff due to the lack of local interchanges.

Most communication outside the UK follows a similar route, leading to delay and resilience issues (latency). Importantly, this also increases costs for local communications businesses and Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

This new development in Cardiff will help overcome these drawbacks.

Here at CSG, we are experts in the design, implementation and management of your data and communications infrastructure to ensure a fast, reliable and cost effective internet service.

As a single IT and telecommunications provider we connect people, data and applications with our award winning suite of internet solutions.

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