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Eliminate data loss for remote workers. With working from home becoming the new norm, we’ve noticed a lot of businesses asking about backup solutions – making sure their data is being backed up, even for those working remotely on their own devices.

It’s a genuine concern for businesses – now more than ever. If you need to have a service in place that will backup some key worker machines and data to the cloud, we have a solution already available.

CSG’s Remote Worker Cloud Continuity provides an efficient and secure backup service, protecting everything on the Windows PC including hardware failures, deletions by the end user and even cyber attacks.

Remote Worker Cloud Continuity –
Up to 1TB of cloud backup
Quickly restore data on failed, lost or stolen PC’s
Recovery of data for individual files and folders
Ransomware Protection – point in time restore
Includes deployment, installation and management

Why is Data Backup So Important?

  • It protects important data and files that the company may need and prevents having to spend thousands to get them back.
  • Ensures business continuity- less downtime for companies if a disaster were to occur.
  • Backup usually takes place in the cloud or local data centre which are both extremely secure locations to prevent data being breached or stolen.

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