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Tel:0330 400 5465

At CSG we understand that IT Support should be available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Unfortunately technical problems do not abide by the working day schedule, so we have a system that means whenever problems arise there will be solutions available.

It works in-house and outsourced

Flexibility is incredibly important with IT Support so we have ensured that our 24-hour support helpdesk is available to those that have an in-house IT team as well as customers who are seeking a fully outsourced service. This means that whatever your setup, we can provide the help and support your business needs.

Access to CSG 360 Managed Support Programme

By having access to our 24-hour helpdesk you will also be part of our complete CSG 360 Managed Support Programme. This means you will have quarterly review meetings with CSG so that we can discuss the regular reports that we will carry out on your systems. This programme also includes reporting tools, internet call logging, call history and direct user portals.

Our staff are Microsoft trained

As the system operates 24 hours a day it is important that there are experts behind it to ensure that everything functions smoothly. CSG has a range of technical staff who are Microsoft trained and are also qualified to work with other major technology vendors. This means that whatever your systems requirements, we have the expertise to ensure that our service is at the highest possible standard.

Changes can happen at a time that suits you

Through the 24-hour helpdesk the support team monitors systems to ensure that everything is secure. As previously mentioned, CSG also carry out reports to make sure that you have the best IT solution for your business. If we find an alternative solution we are then able to upgrade your system at a time that suits you. This could be at the weekend or the evening, but it means that your business will experience minimal disruption.

If you would like to find out more about the 24-hour helpdesk or how our 360 Managed Support Programme can help your business, please call us on 0330 400 5465.

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