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SIP Trunking is a more modern telephony solution that uses the internet to deliver voice and data through a single pipeline. ISDN on the other hand, uses the traditional copper telephone network to deliver voice and data, ISDN is relatively more expensive and outdated nowadays. If you move to SIP or SIP Trunking there are many options you can choose from...

The Options

Option 1- SIP Trunks (SIP Lines)

SIP and SIP Trunks is an alternative hosted solution for a telephone system which uses virtual phone lines instead of actual wires. SIP/SIP Trunking is cheaper than ISDN on a per line basis and offers better flexibility and control over your contacts (phone numbers)- the installation time is also much quicker.

Benefits include:

  • High Quality – because the quality of service is monitored/managed proactively SIP Trunking is a beneficial option for your business. It goes beyond that of ordinary phone lines, and is of much higher quality.
  • Business Continuity- SIP Trunking allows your office to up and move by taking your phone lines with you- quick and cost-effective.
  • Scalability- You can add lines, remove lines and grow your phone numbers accordingly because SIP/SIP trunking is fully scalable.
  • Cost Effective – Saves you money on calls by 25% and line rental by up to 50%.

Option 2 – Hybrid Phone System

A Hybrid Phone System utilises different connection technologies (ISDN, Analogue Digital and IP) into a single contemporary and flexi phone system.

Benefits include:

  • Can connect analogue, digital and IP extensions
  • Can connect analogue, ISDN and SIP lines
  • Easy migration to an IP service without huge changes to your existing infrastructure or hardware
  • Smooth migration from traditional phones to feature-rich IP phones
  • Helps you stay on top of security because it is actively monitored and managed within the network.


Option 3 – Hosted Phone System

A hosted phone system is cloud-based which means you connect to it using an internet connection (IP Technology). However, you are renting the system more than purchasing it.

Benefits of HPS:

  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Variety of features included e.g. Video Conferencing
  • Auto-Updates for all users
  • Low monthly cost per user compared to ISDN

Option 4 – IP Phone System

IP Phone System uses IP Technology (Internet Protocol) and the handsets are connected with a Ethernet connection either on local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN).

Benefits include:

  • You own the system
  • You can choose where to host it
  • No long-term contracts
  • Flexibility even when working from the house
  • Variety of features- including video conferencing!

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