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We will help your organisation reduce costs and become more agile by migrating your telephone services to our IP platform where core services are easier to deploy, far more cost effective than traditional means and have an integrated disaster recovery service. Should your systems or lines become unavailable our platform will redirect your calls to your designated numbers without any intervention.

1. Reduce call costs

Make calls over your IP connection rather than a standard phone line.

  • Free on-net calls
  • Simple low-cost pricing structure
  • Price-package options with no spend commitments
  • One price on all calls and line rental

2. Save on network costs

No need for a separate phone network (and no need to pay for one).

  • No rental costs for a separate voice network
  • Single network means simpler to manage

3. Always keep the same number

Take your phone number with you no matter where you move premises to.

  • Easy for customers to always get hold of you when you move
  • Makes moving to a new premises simpler

4. Look local

Use numbers local to where your customers are, giving the impression of a local presence.

  • Market your business nationally with local numbers
  • Open up new business opportunities

5. Quality

  • You can rely on SIP: it’s ready to make calls whenever you are and won’t let you down.
  • Calls get priority over other data so they always get through even if you’re using the rest of your bandwidth.

6. Business continuity

In-built options to make sure your customers can always get through to you.

  • Redirect individual extension numbers to numbers of your choice
  • Voice calls will automatically run over any back-up or resilient network that you have in place
  • No need for a separate dedicated voice back-up option
  • Technical support available whenever you need it, wherever you need it

For more information or to book a FREE no obligation consultation to see how we can save you money on your telecom & communications service costs or call 0330 400 5465

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