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Cloud computing has a long list of benefits. It enables you to access advanced business services at a fraction of the cost. But what else can cloud computing do for your business?

By placing your infrastructure into a data centre, you will ensure your business is more flexible to meet changing demands, reduce your IT expenditure, increase operational efficiency and improve business continuity. But what else can cloud computing do for your business?

1. It can increase staff collaboration

Cloud computing and products such as Office 365 not only encourage collaborative working but also make it a reality. No longer will staff be sat doing nothing waiting for someone else to finish working on a document. If they are at home, out of the office or in the office it all updates in real time from any location. It doesn’t matter if your team aren’t together in person, they can still work together in the cloud.

2. It allows flexible working

Flexible working is on the rise. Workers now want more options regarding when and where they can work, and cloud computing can really help this. If you have an internet connection then you can access work and it isn’t usually device restricted. 30% of workers would even chose flexible working over a pay rise according to one study, so why not increase productivity and reduce costs?

3. It allows you to control and manage documents more easily

Whereas before, documents would be sent via email and different versions would be floating around on various computers, cloud computing can mean one version of one document that everyone can access, work on and update in real-time. There is no confusion over what the main documents are, and you reduce the risk of distributing the wrong ones.

4. There are options to chose from

Not one business is the same, and cloud computing accommodates this. Azure might be right for one business, but not for another. Costing is different depending on what solution you choose and then you have to decide whether you will have a public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure. Your service provider will be able to go through all of this with you. We can advise and assist your organisation on your journey and increase your business agility.

Do you want to adopt a cloud solution for your business?

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