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Life at CSG: Darren Hill, Business Development Management for South West.

We spoke to our new Business Development Manager for our South West region, Darren Hill, to find out what a typical day at CSG has been like for him.

How would you describe the working at CSG?

I have only been with the company a month but from my experience so far everyone has been very accommodating, helpful and of course there is the office jokes, but serious too! Everyone is dedicated and we put a lot of effort into our fantastic customer service so that we can keep customer satisfaction levels to the maximum. The team is also extremely close knit and we work together across all three offices.

What is a typical day for you at CSG?

I get into the office at 8.15am to check my emails and then go through requests, internal work and ongoing training. After this I normally jump in the car and go and see my first client of the day. I then start work on business development and lead generation, which will involve email and canvassing. This is an important part of my job as it helps to push our new product portfolio and name to business and organisations across the South West.

Can you tell us a popular topic that you are being questioned on?

I speak to clients on a daily basis who are all looking for help and advice on the upcoming GDPR and the impending ISDN Switch Off. Answering questions on these topics helps our clients understand the importance of getting their ICT correct from the ground up.

How many telephony clients does CSG have?

We have over 100 clients using our telephony solutions from a broad range of industries and verticals.

What makes CSG different from other companies?

I think it’s the longevity of clients and staff alike! Regardless of a companies size or how long they have been clients of ours they receive the same superb service. We are approachable, caring and well established. These characteristics definitely make us stand out from the crowd!

Why do the team at CSG work seamlessly together?

From what I can see and tell so far everybody has their own role at CSG but staff also have plenty of transferrable skills and attributes across the company which means we all help each other out. We also have lots of activities and socials outside of work hours. There are plenty of opportunities for departments to bond and get to know each other. Especially over a beer or glass of wine!

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