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Organisations are encouraged to take Cyber Security Action

The NCSC urges UK organisations to reassess and bolster their cyber security resilience efforts in response to the malicious cyber incidents in and around Ukraine.

This advice has surfaced after the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), which is part of GCHQ updated its guidance for UK companies and organisations to follow last week.

The NCSC continues to investigate and offer advice for UK organisations and has recently been assessing the severity of reports of malicious cyber incidents in Ukraine.  Such incidents are similar to Russian behaviour seen in 2017 and cyberattacks against Georgia, and after investigation, the UK government has attributed these attacks to the Russian government.

Currently, the NCSC is unaware of current threats to the UK concerning the events playing out in Ukraine, and their new guidance encourages organisations to review their current cyber security strategies with their provider. 

Actionable steps that have been suggested are: 

  • Employ patching systems 
  • Enable multi-factor authentication 
  • Implement an effective incident response plan
  • Ensure backups are thorough and working correctly
  • Confirming that online defences are as modern and efficient as possible
  • Keeping up to date with the latest security updates

CSG recommends having a dialogue with current IT providers to ensure everything is working correctly, and that current software and services are up to date and are adequate in protecting your organisation’s data and files.

‘While we are unaware of any specific cyber threats to UK organisations concerning events in Ukraine, we are monitoring the situation closely and it is vital that organisations follow the guidance to ensure they are resilient.’

Paul Chichester, NCSC Director of Operations

Alongside a watertight security strategy, CSG always recommends managed services such as ‘managed threat hunting’ to get 24/7 detection and response delivered by an expert team.  

Here at CSG, we continue to utilise the industry-leading software of SOPHOS, having been gold partners with them for several years we continue to offer their cutting edge defence systems to our clients and their organisations. 

We recently wrote an article about the benefits of moving to Intercept X and leveraging its deep learning benefits available to read here, or if you’d like to explore our security services you can browse our services on our site or if you require some sound expert advice, feel free to contact us!

Contact us if you need assistance with your IT!

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