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Reduce your largest attack surface - your end users

In many organisations, end users stand as the largest and most vulnerable targets. They face relentless barrages of spear-phishing and socially engineered schemes in real-world attacks. Over the past year, phishing has surged dramatically, with attacks achieving unprecedented success rates and leveraging advanced technology.

To combat this growing threat, it’s crucial to enhance your staff’s cybersecurity awareness, empowering them to identify hoax emails effectively. Investing time and resources in staff training can significantly bolster your defense strategy.

At CSG, we specialise in transforming your employees into your primary line of defense. Through our partnership withSophosPhish Threat, we offer comprehensive solutions, including simulated phishing attacks and direct user training based on the results. Let us help you strengthen your cybersecurity posture and safeguard your organisation against evolving threats.

Enhance Your Security Strategy with Sophos Central’s Training Solutions!

Unlock the power of over 30 security awareness training modules, addressing key security and compliance topics. With Sophos Phish Threat, seamlessly integrate testing and training through user-friendly campaigns, delivering automated on-the-spot training whenever needed.

Available in nine languages, our training modules ensure that end users find the learning experience interactive and engaging. Meanwhile, you reap the rewards of Sophos Central, streamlining your security management processes.

Invest in effective security training today and fortify your defenses against evolving threats.

Comprehensive Reporting with Sophos

Discover your business’s risk level with User Susceptibility metrics. Sophos Synchronised Security seamlessly integrates Phish Threat with Sophos Email, identifying users who have been cautioned or prevented from accessing risky websites.

These insights can then be utilised to tailor employee training, enhancing their awareness of potential threats. Stay proactive and empower your team to defend against cyber risks effectively.

Report Phishing from Outlook and Office 365

Empower your employees to become frontline defenders against cyber threats with the Phish Threat Outlook Add-In for #Exchange and #Office365. This tool streamlines the reporting process, ensuring messages are sent to the right place without the hassle of remembering complex domain addresses.

By simplifying reporting, your organisation gains valuable insights into potential attacks, enabling a more proactive approach to cybersecurity. Stay vigilant and stay protected with #PhishThreat.

How to protect yourself against Phishing Attacks

Depending on your business needs, there are two levels to the Cyber Essentials certification; Cyber Essentials Standard & Plus. To achieve the Cyber Essentials Plus you must also be Standard certified and then move onto the Plus certification within a set period.

Why you should get certified:

  • Reduce the risk of cyber attack
  • This may align to your supply chain or industry standards – Compliance
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Prove your organisations cyber security measures
  • Boost your organisations reputation

The Cyber Essentials Standard Certification will involve a review of your IT environment and responding to a self service questionnaire around the policies, controls and technology that is in place.  The Cyber Essentials Plus certification process will involve a test of your network similar to a vulnerability scan, alongside a more thorough assessment. This assessment will focus strongly on workstations, network and also mobile devices. Your business must hold up to differing technical security controls.

Get in touch with the team at CSG today.

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