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Cyber-attacks are increasing, and companies in different sectors are suffering the consequences. 

The digital world is more and more integrated with our everyday lives. But along with all the advantages it offers, dangers are also growing constantly in the digital space.

As spring arrives, many organisations are considering a digital refresh. However, it’s crucial to recognise that cybersecurity should not be treated as a seasonal affair; it demands continuous vigilance. Here are some key points to consider: 

1. Continuous Monitoring: 

  • What is it? Continuous monitoring involves constantly observing and analysing your company’s IT systems and networks to detect security threats, performance issues, or non-compliance problems in real time. 
  • At CSG, we provide a Security Operations Centre (SOC) platform that is powered by Sophos MDR (Managed Detection & Response). This MDR doesn’t only notify you when a threat is detected, but the elite team of threat hunters and response experts take targeted actions and work to resolve any issues highlighted, thus diminishing any threats. 
  • Why is it important? By identifying potential problems promptly, organisations can address them swiftly, minimising risks. 
  • Domains of Monitoring: 
    • Application Layer: Monitor application performance, including metrics like transactions, errors, uptime, and availability.
    • Infrastructure Layer: Observe compute, storage, network, and other physical devices to troubleshoot issues, optimise usage, and forecast capacity needs. 
    • Network Layer: Understand the status of firewalls, switches, routers and other devices, detecting bandwidth utilisation, packet losses, delays and intrusion attempts.  

2. Cybersecurity Basics: 

  • Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA Triad): These principles form the foundation of cybersecurity. 
  • Confidentiality: Keep data secret and private. 
  • Integrity: Ensure data remains unaltered and accurate. 
  • Availability: Maintain access to systems and data. 
  • Risk Assessments: Regularly assess risks to information technology assets. 
  • Cyber Resilience: Partner with Cyber Security Experts, like CSG, to move beyond mere security processes to actually build resilience against cyber threats. CSG has helped hundreds of companies protect themselves against cyber threats: from training 30 Park Place Chambers with Phishing Threat email tests to supporting the charity, Active Gloucestershire, with MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) allowing them to work securely from anywhere. 

3. Frequency of Cybersecurity Reviews: 

  • Annual Reviews: Organisations should conduct cybersecurity reviews at least once a year. At CSG we work with our clients to provide ongoing reviews either quarterly or monthly (depending on what our client requests). 
  • Factors Influencing Frequency: The two factors include:
    • Organisation Size: Larger organisations may need more frequent audits due to complex systems. 
    • Available Resources: Consider available resources for conducting thorough reviews.

Remember, cybersecurity is not a one-time event; it is an ongoing commitment to protect sensitive information and maintain a strong security posture. As spring arrives, many of us engage in the traditional practice of spring cleaning – tidying up our physical office spaces. But let’s not forget about our digital lives in work either! Just like a cluttered desk, our digital devices accumulate unnecessary files, outdated apps, and forgotten data.  

CSG’s Spring Cleaning Checklist 

1. Update your work devices: 

  • Update the apps and operating system on all Internet-connected devices – including PCs, smartphones, tablets, home wifi routers, smart TVs, and other internet-connected devices that can be updated – to reduce risks from malware and infections. 
  • Delete unused apps. 

2. Tune up web browsers: 

  • Check your browser settings. Clear out old data, such as stored passwords and old autofill information, and ensure your browser is set not to store passwords. 
  • Delete unused browsers. 

3. Declutter Your Downloads: 

  • Your Downloads folder can become a graveyard for files you no longer need. Delete anything unnecessary to free up space and potentially speed up your device. 
  • Organise important downloads into labelled folders for easy access. 

4. Tidy Up Photos and Screenshots: 

  • Review your photo albums and delete any images you no longer care about. 
  • Back up important photos to an external drive or a cloud service like OneDrive. 

 5. Prioritise a Strong Password Refresh: 

  • Avoid using the same password for everything. Make unique and secure passwords for each account. 
  • Regularly update your passwords and check if any have been compromised in data breaches. 

6. Unsubscribe from Unwanted Emails: 

  • Go through your inbox and unsubscribe from marketing emails that no longer interest you. 
  • Reducing email clutter improves productivity and keeps your inbox organised.

7. Secure Electronic Records:

  • If you handle electronic health or care records, ensure they are stored securely. 
  • Restrict access to authorised personnel using personal logins and strong passwords. 

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, emphasised that “every company is now a software company.” His insight underscores the critical role of software in shaping a company’s performance in today’s connected, digital landscape. Software influences website performance, order responsiveness, inventory management, and much more. 

However, for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), navigating the vast array of options can be overwhelming. Choosing the right software, hardware, and cloud services provider becomes a daunting task, especially when there is not an in-house tech expert. To address this challenge, many businesses opt to collaborate with IT partners who specialise in IT infrastructure and processes: choose CSG as your IT partner. 

Why CSG – In a nutshell… 

  • Trusted Microsoft Gold Partner & Microsoft Solutions Partner to over 400 SME & Enterprise businesses 
  • Sophos Security Partners offering proactive solutions to cyber security  
  • Horizon Collaborate partners, helping employees access communication tools wherever they are  
  • 24-hour support helpdesk with Microsoft-certified technical staff 
  • Management of third-party vendors, such as BT and sage 
  • Strategy support from your dedicated Account Manager 
  • Access to CSG’s performance portal where you can create, manage and review all projects 

Evaluate your IT systems today with our FREE IT Audit 

Carefully assess any susceptibility to threat – the audit will fully take into account all security measures that are already in place and see how they are performing in terms of protection against threats. 

Keeps data secure – our IT audit ensures the confidentiality, and integrity of the data are fully protected. 

Full evaluation – it will give a full run-down of your network, systems and endpoints, and suggest what can be improved. 

Can help increase business performance – once your audit is done and improvements have been made, this can severely increase business performance by minimising downtime that could’ve been disastrous previously. 

Our audit is world-class due to our partnerships with multinational companies who provide us with top-end systems and it’s completely free. 

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