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CSG have recently carried out three major projects for Purple Mustard, a sublimation printing company based in Caerphilly. These projects included virtualisation, desktop virtualisation and a bespoke disaster recovery service.

After the success of these projects we caught up with Paul Snook, Systems Manager at Purple Mustard, to find out how these changes have affected the business and what plans they have next for their IT.

What does your role involve at Purple Mustard?

My main role is to look after the web servers, websites, IT infrastructure and I look at what technologies will help the business move forward. I have worked at Purple Mustard for over 7 years and in that time our IT has changed quite substantially!

How did you start working with CSG?

I am not a Microsoft certified engineer so we needed managed support for our Microsoft based products because I am more Linux based. We looked at multiple companies for this support and then had a couple of meetings with different people. We then choose CSG because it just felt right.

Why did working with CSG appeal to you?

I really liked the structure of their company and the clear transparency they have when they do things.

What project has CSG recently implemented for you?

There has been a lot of change recently but one of the things that they have helped us with is virtualisation. Historically, we had always looked at doing this but in the past it hadn’t felt like the right time. Then, when we realised that we also wanted to implement disaster recovery it just made sense to do it all together. It felt like the right time and CSG was there to help us through the process.

How has virtualisation helped your business?

For us, there has been many benefits. From the administration side of things we have noticed an increase in performance as by moving from traditional desktops to thin clients everything runs a lot quicker. This then means that our staff can be more productive.

How important is IT to your business?

IT controls the majority of our business so it is really important that it’s as resilient as possible. That’s why I like working with CSG as I have the confidence that they will advise us on what platforms we need to ensure everything runs smoothly. From my perspective we also need solutions that mean our business can grow, and CSG have really helped with that.

Do you have any other IT projects on the horizon?

Yes, there are lots of different plans flying around! Going forward we want to look at hardening our existing networking infrastructure and making sure everything is as reliable as possible.

Why would you recommend CSG to other businesses?

I would recommend CSG because of the strong relationship that we have with them. I work a lot with Matthew Bater and he is always very professional and forthcoming with ideas. He definitely goes the extra mile for us.

If you would like to know more about how virtualisation and disaster recovery can help your business please do not hesitate to contact us.

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