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The impact of a successful hit by a ransomware attack can be truly heartbreaking and fatal for any business. Even more so, if you don't have the correct preventative measures or back-up recovery systems in place. Despite the fact ransomware has been around for over 20 years, it is a bigger threat now than ever. Ransomware is constantly evolving and opportunists are using every situation they can to their advantage - in order to attack.

Hackers are exploiting the current situation with Covid-19 and hiding ransomware and malware in the form of emails from recognised organisations. These emails contain links which are riddled with malicious ransomware and can really harm businesses and invade their privacy.

So, what does ransomware actually do?

Ransomware can encrypt your device and usually this comes hand in hand with a ransom demand. This could be log in details for banking, or for your work emails- anything that they can use to their advantage and can use against you to invade your privacy or data. The hacker can then close down your systems in order to gain what they wanted and all of your important company information can be breached, deleted or shut down.

“In 2019, 184 million global company data breaches were from ransomware attacks alone.”

How does this impact you and your business?

The costs to recover from a ransomware attack are more than four times as much as it costs per year to have the correct cyber security measures in place.

It is sometimes really difficult to get the company back up and running after an attack, sometimes downtime can take up to 4/5 days which many companies can’t afford to lose. This is why it is important to have the correct back-up data recovery measures in place.

It is important to regularly carry out risk assessments to ensure your business is up to date with all cyber security measures and that they are running smoothly. E.g. in the case of an attempted attack you will be protected.

“Ransomwear attacks have increased by 41% since the start of 2020”

Top Tips

  • Get Protected
  • Back up all of your data
  • Carry out regular risk assessments
  • Never click on a link or email you are unsure of

“57% of UK companies reported having a ransomware attack last year.”

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