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You may know that the phone lines created to use the telephone were invented in the 1800’s for the crème de la crème of society, but did you know centuries later we still use the same system? This is why in 2025 BT are switching off all of the PSTN and ISDN lines and migrating all users to VoIP telephony. This means all communications will be over the internet instead of relying on copper phone lines. This includes phone calls (voice data) as well as data sharing over the internet.

What does this mean for you?

Landlines will become obsolete, businesses will have to change the way they communicate and telecoms bills in essence will decrease. You will benefit from huge savings in costs compared to ISDN due to cheaper calls and no more expensive line rental.

There will be greater flexibility with how businesses use telephony (home working, call reporting, call recording, conferencing suites, presence to name a few), faster installation as you won’t need an engineer to install physical lines and higher resiliency as multiple fibre lines can be installed providing an automatic backup.

How can you best prepare?

  1. Ensure you have the best broadband package available for you. With all communications being run through the internet you’ll need fast, reliable broadband that won’t slow you down. Live in a rural area? A check of the exchange will highlight what is available, failing that the consideration of a government backed scheme to get fibre on a more dedicated basis for your business is also an option you may not be aware of currently.
  2. Look at new systems now. Don’t wait until 2025 for a new phone system. By implementing a Hosted System now, your team and business will benefit from lower costs and an array of functionalities to make the business more productive, flexible and dynamic moving forward.
  3. Review your phone and broadband contracts. All telecoms companies are aware of the BT IP Transition, so before you extend or sign new contracts, ensure you’ll be able to get super-quick broadband or a competitively priced dedicated leased line backed by a government voucher scheme to assist with installation costs.
  4. You’ll only need one number. You can move anywhere in the UK and keep your number for free, along with any associated ddi ranges you may have internally.
  5. Be adaptable to change. This will be a big chance to get ahead of the competition, and learning how the country communicates will affect everyone, so make sure you stay up to date with the subject as 2025 draws closer so you continue to understand what this change means for you.

Want to know more?

We conduct a free review for your business to cover off every eventuality.

We can look at and analyse the current bills and contracts in situ. Take on board what is important to the business and how you work. Coupled together with products that are available to give an overall future-proof infrastructure for your business.

Please feel free to get in contact to arrange your free review with one of CSG’s product specialists in your area

Call us on 0330 400 5465 if you have any queries.

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