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Cloud telephony is the new improved way of communications. It is a hosted PBX system that stores data in the cloud and runs primarily through the internet whereby it allows you as a business to communicate with anyone you choose in a quicker and more efficient way. Cloud telephony allows you to make calls, video conference and direct instant message via the internet with no need for ISDN.

The Benefits Of Cloud Telephony Include:

  • Reduced Costs

Upgrading to cloud telephony reduces the cost you pay for calls, without reducing the quality of them. It eliminates high costs of ISDN / PSTN, mobile and landline calls by providing free calls over the internet. Therefore, you can pay an affordable monthly fixed cost to manage your communication and won’t have to worry about maintenance costs, SIP Trunks etc.

  • Improved control, access and efficiency

Once your business phone numbers are hosted in the cloud, they can be accessed from any part of the world. This will allow you to have more control over your phone systems, and allow you to keep track of the calls. It also makes data more accessible via being stored in the cloud.

  • Continuously Updated

By hosting your telephony in the cloud it will never be out of date. Because the cloud is internet-based, your phone system will automatically update itself whenever a new update becomes available. This saves time and is much more efficient than having to wait for someone to update your telephony for you.

  • Scalable

Cloud Telephony is fully scalable because once you’ve invested in it, it can be used on any other platform or expanded environment. It is a much easier, wireless way of communication.

  • Flexible working can occur.

Flexible working and BYOD are two popular approaches that businesses are adopting. Cloud telephony gives you access to calls from any device at any given time as long as you have internet access. This allows you to be able to work from your chosen device and from anywhere- perfect when remote working.

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