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What are the most dangerous cyber security risks this year? Cyber security risks have increased massively over the years and it is important to be aware of the ones that are the most common.

With remote working on most businesses’ agenda, cyber attackers are working harder than ever before to access networks and machines.

Addressing cybersecurity issues can be a challenge if you’re not sure what the most common types of threats are. Therefore, this post emphasises the top cyber threats this year, and how important it is to get a risk assessment done for your business.

Top Risks Of 2020:

  • Data Breaches – Cyber attackers will not only target your machine or network, they may seek leakage from your third parties’ activity or pretend to be them, so they can gain the information from you that they require. This can cause huge risks for businesses because if important files and data get leaked, it could not only jeopardise the business as a whole, but the connections of that business- causing a lot of money to recover and come back from it.

60% of data breaches now come from trying to involve or impersonate third parties.

  • Phish Threats – Even in 2020, phishing attacks are still occurring with the hope of stealing money, data and identities. The problem lies In the fact that even some of the strongest cyber-security measures do not always detect these phish threats, unless they are actively hunting for these threats. It is important to be aware of these phishing scams and never click on any links or open emails that bode suspicious.
  • Ransomware – Ransomware attacks are stronger than ever before. Once a malicious link is opened, or an infected file, the ransomware can filter through your network and machine- abstracting or closing down files accordingly. They usually request money for you to get your files or data back. It is so important to be aware of ransomware and ensure you have the correct measures in place to prevent it affecting you or your business.
  • Employees being too naive – Sometimes attacks can happen when employees aren’t aware of the risks that are out there. With an increased amount of employees working from home- from all generations- it is important to ensure everyone is well equipped and aware of potential threats so that they do not click or open anything they shouldn’t. It is beneficial to make sure employees have email protection especially as emails at the moment are going around pretending to be of health organisations and charities- these are not legitimate.

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