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Remote working is a new style of work that allows business continuity because employees can carry out their day jobs from the comfort of their homes due to advancements in technology. Remote working has been an absolute saviour for many businesses during the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, and has allowed companies to survive without being in the office. So, could remote working be the future? How can we make remote working the most productive type of work? Keep reading to find out CSG's remote working top tips!

Top Tips For Remote Working

1. Ensure you have a daily or weekly to-do list

By having a daily or weekly to-do list, you can make your remote working experience even more productive because you always have another task in mind for when you finish your current one. It enables the day to go quickly and always you to keep sane as you have a structure to your day.

2. Make sure your desk space is clear and comfortable

Making sure your desk space is clean and comfortable is a psychological way to be more productive, because let’s face it…who wants to work in a mess?! By ensuring you are comfy and you have everything neat and tidy at your ready, this can help you to crack on without any distractions hindering your work.

3. Take regular breaks from your screen

Taking regular breaks from your screen for 5-10 mins can also help with productivity levels. Sometimes you can feel tired or end up day-dreaming when staring at the same screen for hours on end, so by taking regular breaks between tasks you can ensure your work ethic and productivity levels are at the highest they can be.

4. Keep in regular contact with your manager/team

Working remotely can sometimes be lonely. You can feel as though you have nobody to talk to or confide in. Just try to remember that everyone is in the same boat as you. Keep in regular contact with your team and manager through the portals your company uses e.g. here at CSG we use Gamma Horizon and Microsoft Teams in order to keep interacting with one another.

5. Get out of your pyjamas.

Another way to stay productive when remote working is to get up, wash and change out of your bed clothes. This will help you feel fresher and will have a psychological effect on you to work harder now that you are up and changed. If you stay in your pyjamas, the likelihood is that you will feel less motivated and lethargic when working.

6. Arrange regular meetings with your boss.

To keep motivation levels at a high it is important that you arrange regular meetings with your boss or team to broadcast what you have done in the week and to show that you are carrying out everything that is expected of you. This helps to gain a sense of ‘kudos’ from your boss/team but also makes your work that bit more worthwhile.

7. Ask for support or help when you need it.

There is nothing worse than suffering in silence. Maybe your having internet trouble or cannot access your emails? Whatever the issue is, never panic or suffer in silence. Make sure to inform the person in charge of the issues you are having so that they are aware, and contact your support help desk so they can fix the issue immediately.

8. Try to enjoy your work

The last tip is to try and keep an open mind when remote working and enjoy what you are doing. It is important to maintain a work-life balance when you are not in work to help you approach each working day with a positive mindset when you are working. Just remember, remote working might not be forever and everyone is in the same boat, so you may as well try to make the best of an unusual situation.

“77% of remote employees say they’re more productive when working from home.”

Remote working when done properly can have loads of benefits- it could even be the best option for employees working for small to medium enterprises or businesses.



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