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At CSG we are committed to making sure businesses have the best IT services. As a Microsoft Silver Server Platform Partner we can offer a FREE Microsoft network and security audit to your firm without obligation.

The legal world is fast-paced and ever-changing, so it is important that IT services can keep up. Do you find that the IT infrastructure within your law firm is hindering your productivity? If the answer is yes, your IT services are due an upgrade.

We are an established Managed Service Provider and we have worked with law firms for many years to ensure that their IT services are performing to a high standard. We understand what the legal sector needs and we make sure that our IT services find solutions to their problems. For example, recently we worked with Angel Chambers and 30 Park Place Chambers who both had outdated IT systems and needed a refresh.

If you are interested in IT Services for law firms, here is a quick overview of what benefits these services can offer your business today:

1. IT security ensures confidentiality

We understand that law firms need to retain their clients’ key data on their systems so it is important that everything is secure. Therefore, it is essential that law firms have a robust strategy towards cyber security. We have a variety of IT security options available for law firms and we can offer a multi-layered approach to ensure that your infrastructure, endpoints, mobile devices and internet connections are protected.

2. Law firms using cloud computing experience greater flexibility

In regards to IT services for law firms it is impossible not to mention cloud computing. We have seen law firms using cloud computing as it supports their need for flexible working. Law firms don’t always follow a typical 9 to 5 working day, so it is important that you can access your work wherever and whenever you wish. This flexibility can be a reality if your firm uses the Cloud. Within cloud computing there is also additional security, as Office 365 has an element of security built-in.

3. Disaster Recovery will make sure you never lose your hard work

Imagine spending days, weeks or even months on a case and then losing all your work? It is something that we never want you to endure so we would recommend a disaster recovery plan. This IT service for law firms means that if the worst does happen you won’t lose your work because we offer a 360° Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery service. Alongside disaster recovery some of our customers also implement virtualisation as this minimizes the risk of hardware failure.

4. IT services increases productivity for law firms

By using the likes of cloud computing, disaster recovery and virtualisation this will benefit your law firm as it will increase productivity. By implementing these IT services in your law firm, you will find that people can work more efficiently as they are able to access work remotely and know that their work is secure. Plus, with a disaster recovery plan in place your firm can be confident that important data will not be lost.

If you feel that your law firm could benefit from our range of IT services, please get in touch today!

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