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What is a Microsoft Solutions Partner & Why Should You Work With One?

Working with Microsoft has always been a core part of our identity as a business and at CSG we are proud to be a Microsoft Solutions Partner in the UK.

At CSG, Microsoft solutions continue essential to our daily operations and our service offering. They’re the foundation of our modern, remote infrastructure and a critical component of the services we provide to businesses.

With nearly 40 years of experience, we’ve proudly provided managed services to businesses across Wales and Southwest England. As a trusted Microsoft Partner, we’ve held Gold and Silver Accreditations for years, and we’re now part of the latest program as a Microsoft Solutions Partner.

What is a Microsoft Solutions Partner?

You may have heard various different names associated with companies that work with Microsoft – Microsoft Certified Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner, Microsoft Silver Partner, or perhaps Cloud Solutions Provider. 

Since 1992, the Microsoft Partner Network has offered a range of accreditations. The scheme’s latest version was created to represent the primary methods Microsoft employs to promote their business solutions.

A Microsoft Solutions Partner is a company, like CSG, that has been accredited in one of six Solutions Partner Designations. These designations help customers identify the areas of the Microsoft Cloud where a partner’s expertise lies in. 

For example, CSG is accredited in two designations: Modern Workplace and Infrastructure

There are six designations in total:

  • Modern Workplace – Focuses on Microsoft 365
  • Business Applications – Focuses on the Power Platform and Dynamics 365
  • Security – Focuses on Azure Data Security, ATP, Defender, and several other services
  • Data and AI – Focuses on Azure Applied AI Services
  • Digital & App Innovation – Focuses on Azure and the Power Platform
  • Infrastructure – Focuses on IT infrastructure

To obtain certification in any of the aforementioned designations, a business must prove its proficiency in three essential areas through a points system: Performance, Skilling, and Customer Success.

Why Work with a Microsoft Solutions Partner?

Maximizing Your Business Potential with the Microsoft Cloud and a Microsoft Solutions Partner

The Microsoft Cloud is currently one of the most successful business solution arrays on the market, offering a vast array of resources to help companies build a state-of-the-art infrastructure. At CSG, we believe that collaborating with a Microsoft Solutions Partner is the ideal complement to utilizing Microsoft’s solutions. 

Here are some reasons why:

Acquire Cutting Edge Technology

Microsoft Solutions Partners are licensed vendors that provide Microsoft solutions. Acquiring solutions through a partner has many advantages. Firstly, customers can obtain the best licensing prices through the Partner Network. This is especially beneficial for small to medium-sized businesses, which can now access better solutions thanks to the development of cloud services. At CSG, we have observed first-hand how our relationship with Microsoft has helped smaller businesses improve their operations.

Access Accredited Expertise

Obtaining Microsoft solutions that benefit your company is just the beginning for any business. At CSG, we have the expertise to help companies modernise their systems and processes by providing them with licensing, as well as assisting with implementation, configuration, and adoption. 

The biggest advantage of working with CSG to do this is that we have an incredible level of expertise that is certified by Microsoft itself. This ensures that businesses receive the same level of expertise as the original creators of the solutions they are using and ensured a smooth and tailored transition for your precious data and systems.

Optimise Your IT Spend

Microsoft and CSG aim to provide businesses with the necessary tools to operate by modern business practices. This includes cloud-based infrastructure, virtual communication and collaboration, data-driven insights and decision-making, and more. By modernising IT, businesses can optimise their budgets and eliminate costly legacy systems and hardware, replacing them with flexible and scalable modern solutions.

Get The Best Wraparound Services

Whilst Microsoft Solutions are essential for business operations, CSG offers much more. For example, we offer a range of managed IT services, full outsourced IT support, backup services, and more to complement your Microsoft products, in a tailored package for one monthly fee. 

By providing additional wraparound services, we bring unparalleled value to businesses.

Why CSG …

Security First

At CSG, we understand the importance of providing our clients with a strong security system. We take pride in offering excellent levels of security and can develop and execute complete strategies that are tailored to our client’s needs. Our team benchmarks against the most advanced threat intelligence solutions to deliver industry-leading technology solutions to our valued clients.

Customer Focussed

We value our clients and recognise that they are essential to our success and our continued growth. For this reason, we continuously monitor key performance indicators to improve all aspects of our service delivery. Our excellent reputation is reflected in our high ratings on Google and Trustpilot. We take pride in providing exceptional service to all clients, regardless of their size or sector.

24/7 Support

Proactive monitoring of your systems from our experts, our technical staff are Microsoft certified and work with all major technology vendors. This way we ensure the service and systems we provide are to the best possible standard.

We also … 

  • Have 3 offices across the UK, Bridgend, Bristol and Exeter
  • Have a 98% client retention rate
  • Have over 400 clients across the UK
  • Average 4.78/5 on customer survey scores
  • Sponsor, work with and raise money for several charities

Please feel free to contact our friendly team if you have any questions, or if you would like to find out how to optimise your IT environment by utilising Microsoft’s fantastic products.

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