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Today is Rhys' last day with us here at CSG!

Today the Digital Marketing Manager and I went over social media scheduling. We discussed the systems that can be used for this including: Hootsuite and Connectwise, which is what CSG use.

The reason for scheduling is so when the Marketing Manager is on annual leave, posts can go out so CSG can still engage with customers. When scheduling posts we can add images, videos and we pick the day we want it to go out and then schedule it.

Using the systems available, we are also able to save draft posts to keep for future use.

As part of my last day, I am also going to the Celtic manor as CSG are hosting a conference there in September. The Digital Marketing Manager and I are going up there to see what the venue is like and so I can see the process that goes into event planning.

Thanks for an excellent week, I have really enjoyed my time here. Have a great summer everyone!

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