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Improve your business with hosted telecoms.

In telecommunications, market change is often accompanied confusion. Meaning it is challenging to understand how advancements in telecoms could be affecting your business.

Thanks to our expertise, we are able to advise organisations on the way changes in legislation can affect their business and the benefits of changing to an alternative phone system.

Amongst current developments in telecoms is British Telecom’s announcement that their ISDN/PSTN telephone lines will be switched off in 2025. Customers will be transferred to a single IP network which is set to take the place of all legacy platforms.

For the majority of businesses who are BT customers, this announcement means they will be forced to explore different routes when it comes to telephony. Routes which could ultimately end up being changed for the better by proving more effective for both the organisation’s budget and its operations.

If you are amongst the large numbers of British businesses which still rely on a traditional telecommunications system, our best advice is that you should begin to consider the opportunities and benefits alternative telecoms technology such as hosted telephony can offer your business.

A hosted telephony system is a system hosted in the Cloud instead of locally in your business’ office. Users can access it through an IP handsets and calls are delivered through a broadband connection to the PBX network, from where they get routed out to different devices as necessary.

Having a CSG’s Cloud IPT hosted PBX system offers a number of benefits for your company – we have outlined some of the key ones below:

1. Lower costs across the board

One of the key benefits to having a hosted telecoms system is the amount of money it saves your business compared to other alternatives.

CSG’s Cloud IPT Hosted PBX does not require you to invest a lot of capital into installation cost to set it up, nor is it necessary for you to pay any charges for the ongoing maintenance and management of the system. Since all the infrastructure for your hosted telephony is stored in a cloud data centre, all the updates and maintenance happen automatically at no additional cost for your company.

Moreover, doing away with the need for multiple phone lines means monthly rental costs will also be reduced, if not completely removed from your telecoms spent. You can also install additional hosted phones in your office efficiently without having to call upon specialist engineers.

2. Move to mobile

Another benefit of switching over to our Cloud IPT hosted PBX is the fact that it allows you to introduce mobile working to your business. Instead of being tied to a desk by their phone, employees can use a hosted device anyplace, anytime. The business calls they place will appear as though they are made from the company office.

3. More, and better, features

CSG’s Cloud IPT hosted telephony also offers an array of advanced features, such as voicemail, remote call management, playing a music tone on hold, etc. Additionally, having a hosted telecoms suite will allow your business the benefit of interconnectivity between voicemail, video, email, IM and more. As well as the ability to collect and analyse the data from these varied forms of communication. Ultimately, having the advanced featured of a hosted PBX drives your organisation towards more reliable and effective customer service, while also helping meet employee demands.

4. Future-proof and scale

One of the key benefits is the ease with which phone lines, extensions and mobile devices can be added or removed from the system without any additional expense. This feature is handy for accommodating business growth and scaling your phone system to adapt to new additions to your team or even new office spaces. You no longer need to worry about the limitations you’d have had to face with old style phone systems in terms of financial barrier and efficiency. In fact, you are likely to see a stable return of investment from your hosted telephony.

5. Guaranteed continuity

A number of organisations rely greatly on their systems to complete business-critical tasks. Therefore, they need maximum reliability and up-time guarantees to keep interruption and downtime to a minimum. CSG’s Hosted telephony system can deliver this degree of stability as it’s hosted off-site and managed by a provider. This means your hosted PBX system won’t have to be taken offline for repairs, updates and general maintenance. What’s more, having a dedicated provider looking after your telephony means you needn’t dedicate time, money and in-house staff to keeping the system running on-site.

6. Retaining your number

An additional benefit of having hosted telephony is the option to combine the personal and company lines of your employees so that they can use their own devices for business calls without having to give out their personal number to clients. Should an employee leave, calls can just as easily be rerouted to a different device or be terminated altogether.

7. New businesses’ best friend

The majority of new businesses face financial struggles when trying to stay on top of installation and maintenance costs of their traditional telephony system. However, with the Cloud IPT hosted PBX’s ability to provide a fully functional telecommunications system from the setoff, new businesses can be good to go from day one.

With IDSN now being more or less a legacy platform, existing networks and support infrastructures are likely to begin seeing the effects of the upcoming retirements well ahead of the cut-off date in 2025. Overall, migrating your on-site phone system to hosted telephony is the obvious way to go – it provides significantly lower cost both in terms of the setup and upkeep of the systems, and it offers a number of additional benefits and functionalities not available with old style telecoms. CSG’s Cloud IPT telephony service allows your business to stay competitive by having a quality phone system hosted offsite and most importantly, being future-proof.

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