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Call analytics requests are becoming more regular due to the increase of people working from home. At CSG we support various phone systems, one in particular that has sparked call analytic requests is Horizon. During the current situation- with so many members of staff working from home- having access to call analytics is an essential part of remote working.

So, what does it mean to analyse calls?

Analysing calls can be of great benefit for companies looking to monitor staff performance it enables users to see- at a glance- the state of colleagues’ extensions in real time – ideal for helping you monitor home workers. This can in turn help to improve employee productivity and create team unity.

Research suggests that since the lockdown, productivity levels from remote workers has increased by 30%. This shows that by having that extra motivation to hit targets and do well in the eyes of the company can really motivate employees to work harder.

At CSG we think analysing calls can play a big part in improving employee productivity. Akixi Wallboards and granular reporting allows call analytics to be presented in an easy-to-read way allowing you to see how many enquiries your business is missing.

The internal reports can show you which days and at which times your in-bound/out-bound call volume is the highest, which gives you the option to adjust staff levels accordingly.

Key Features Include…

See the status of your colleagues and teams within the same Akixi site

  • Remotely monitor the presence of users from anywhere
  • View your individual historic call list
  • Shows teams in a BLF view
  • Appropriate for any sized business
  • Report API
  • Dashboard view

Create team unity, increase morale and improve employee productivity with Akixi.

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