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Making sure you choose the right IT provider for your business can often be a time-consuming process. So here at CSG, we have put together a list of questions to ask when you are going through the process.

Can you provide references?

This is crucial when looking for a new IT provider. It’s common knowledge that the best measure of a companies’ ability to deliver is a glowing referral from a previous client. So it’s definitely worth asking them for at least three references. You don’t have to get in touch with all of the referees, but contacting satisfied customers should give you some confidence in the services they provide.

What are your average response times?

Reasonable response times are simple enough to expect. However, this may vary depending on the type of support package that you pay for. It’s worth remembering that a guaranteed response time doesn’t include the time it takes to resolve the problem, it simply guarantees that they won’t ignore your problem within that time frame.

Will we get a dedicated account manager?

Having a single point of contact within the IT support company is hugely convenient for a business. Not only will it eliminate the hassle of phoning around to speak to the right person, but it will also help to build a good rapport between your business and the support company.

What does the service agreement cover?

It’s essential that you understand the type of service you will receive before signing an IT service agreement. The last thing you will want is to call your IT provider to fix an issue and learn that the required service is not supported in the terms of agreement.

How do we log a support call?

Make sure that your IT provider has a dedicated number with qualified technicians available to answer. If they don’t, look for an online form or ticketing system which goes straight to the support technicians. Ideally you should have access to all of these options. Here at CSG, we offer an online portal, separate ticketing email and you can log tickets over the phone as well.

What hours of the day is support available?

Not every IT support company offers 24 hour support, but is it essential? If you prefer a service where you have a dedicated technician then you can’t expect them to be available on a 24 hour basis anyway. If 24 hour support is available, then it’s quite likely that you will have to pay extra for it. Most IT providers only operate during regular office hours, but what happens if there’s an emergency, do you they have a procedure in place to provide support out of hours?  If you need 24 hour support, it’s crucial that you ask this question at the very start. It will eliminate those who won’t be able to help you quickly.

Do you provide a proactive IT support service?

A proactive IT support service means they’ll prevent problems from happening before they occur, which will significantly reduce the chances of downtime. A good IT provider will monitor your systems and resolve problems such as out of date software and overworked servers. A proactive IT support service will also give you added peace of mind and allow you to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

If you are looking for a new IT provider, make sure you're asking these key questions! If you want to know more about how CSG can help, call our team today on 0330 400 5465 or email

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