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A firewall can be a great saviour when it comes to blocking any threats that could effect your network. They monitor and control incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules. The good thing about firewalls is that they block unauthorised outsiders getting access to your private data, thus keeping your business safe from attacks and data breaches.

So, why do you need a firewall this year?

  1. A firewall monitors network traffic. 
    Data coming in and our of your system creates opportunities for threats to compromise your operations. With the help of your IT support team you can manage your protection levels based on what comes in and out of your firewall.
  2. Stops viruses and attacks.
    Virus attacks have the ability to shut down your digital operations faster than any other form of attack. With hundreds of thousands of new threats developed every single day, you really need the correct defences in place. A firewall controls what can enter your network and so has the power to prevent the viruses from getting into your network.
  3. Prevents hacking. 
    A firewall will prevent hackers from gaining unauthorised access to your data, emails, systems and more. A firewall can stop a hacker completely or deter them to chose an easier target. With the rise of Covid-related scams, a firewall is essential for keeping malicious hackers at bay.
  4. Stops spyware. 
    In a data-driven world, much needed benefit is stopping spyware from gaining access and getting into our systems. As systems become more complex and robust, the entry points criminals can use to gain access to your systems also increase. Therefore, by utilising a firewall they can act as a blockade against these malicious programs, and if you have a top-end firewall such as Sophos XG Firewall then it can keep out even the most advanced threats.
  5. Promotes privacy. 
    By proactively working to keep your data and your client’s data safe, you build an aura of privacy that your clients and employees can trust. Not only does a firewall make them feel more secure when going about their work as they are aware that no threats can enter their network, they also become more aware of what threats are out there and take more cautious measures when browsing online, and handling data. No one likes their data breached and so a firewall is a good way to get protected and promote privacy.

Here at CSG we are big believers in keeping your business secure which is why we highly recommend ensuring that you have a firewall in place as part as your cyber security measures. A ‘run of the mill’ firewall system is not going to keep evolving with the advanced threats that hackers are developing, which is why you need Sophos XG Firewall. This firewall is so advanced that it can keep out any threat and actively updates itself in order to be a contemporary measure of protection,

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