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The Client 

A.T Morgan & Son was originally set up in 1975 as a petrol and car sales garage by the found, Alun Morgan. Since then, the business has gone from strength to strength by pursuing opportunities, building relationships and seeking to have a positive impact on the local community.

Many of the contracts established over 45 years ago are still held today, expressing how supportive and professional A.T Morgan & Son are with their contracts.

A.T Morgan & Son have “always been with CSG and never needed anyone else”, which emphasises how supportive CSG have been to the haulage specialists since we became their IT, Security and Telephony partner.

The Background

Stephen’s previous IT systems were more reactive rather than proactive, due to the increase in business and cyber threats, the businesses needed someone to support their IT and cloud services.

“CSG supported our systems when we only had two computers set up, the business has now grown and developed and CSG has done that with us.” – Stephen Morgan of A.T Morgan & Son. As a company, CSG take great pride in supporting both smaller infrastructures and larger ones, and with A.T. Morgan & Son, we are proud to have been with them throughout that journey.

When A.T Morgan & Son planned to redo their offices, they need to ensure that they would have new telephone systems, computers and monitors all set up efficiently – which Stephen expresses that “CSG helped make this process quickly and efficiently.” 

The Solution

Managed Support

CSG provided A.T Morgan & Son with our 360° Managed Support Programme through IT monitoring and the support from our professional IT support technicians.

“We are more confident and more comfortable now that we have a fully managed support system from CSG”, Stephen explains, “we are happy that we can now prevent threats from happening instead of having to react to something if it did happen.” 

What makes CSG stand out from competitors is how exceptional our relationships are with our clients, at CSG we understand that not everyone relates to tech-jargon, and we’re not here to fear your in to buying another service, we’re here to provide you with the most cost-effective and strategic approach that we can offer.

“Matthew is great, he explains everything in simple terms to labour men, not tech men. There’s so much technical jargon and information that we wouldn’t understand and Matthew always takes the time to explain it to us.” 

Managed Backup

We provided backup for A.T Morgan & Son’s critical workloads, both onsite and in the cloud.

“Part of the business literally could not have been done from home during covid. Having CSG set up the technology for us helped us carry on working when people had to work from home.” 

CSG provided their managed MS Office 365 Backup solution that ensured that A.T Morgan & Sons data and emails are all backed up. Whilst Microsoft provide protection against loss of service (resulting from hardware failures and/or natural disasters), and short-term protective measures in the form of the Recycle Bin, it provides no protection against deletion of data by employees (be it accidental or purposely), or encryption of data by ransomware and other forms of cyber-attacks – which is what CSG stepped in to provide through our managed MS Office 365 Backup solution – that protects your business should the worst ever happen.

MS Office 365 Backup helped A.T Morgan prevent:

  • Data loss due to ransomware

MS Office 365 suggests that users backup emails by a third-party to ensure that your data isn’t lost by a ransomware attack. This is where CSG provided A.T Morgan & Son with that critical support.

  • Data loss due to inactive licences

To access your data in MS Office 365, a license is needed, however what provides an even bigger risk is how if the license is inactive or no longer in use, user details are permanently deleted – providing no option to go back. This is where CSG could ensure this didn’t happen with A.T Morgan.

  • Data loss due to permanent deletion

When an online Sharepoint administrator deletes a site collection, all data will be placed in the recycle bin where it is kept for 93 days and then automatically deleted for good. We helped ensure that A.T Morgan’s data. wouldn’t be automatically deleted.

  • Data loss due to app outages

CSG helps A.T Morgan & Son to plan for the unexpected. If an app outage occurs then data can be lost forever, which could take away years of hard work any businesses. Luckily, due to A.T Morgan preventing this through using MS Office 365 Backup, if anything was to happen to their programmes, all their data will be secure.

Sophos MDR (Managed Detection & Response)

A.T Morgan & Son receive all their  technology upgrades through the exceptional service from CSG and Sophos MRD. The company has further recently accepted the elevated Security Operations Centre (SOC) 24/7/365 MDR service, powered by Sophos MDR. Stephen Morgan expresses how “we have confidence in Sophos MDR programming and support for cyber from the set up by CSG.

One of the major benefits of MDR providers over in-house only security operations programs is the breadth and depth of experience of the analysts. MDR vendors supporting multiple customers experience a far greater volume and variety of attacks than any individual organisation, giving them a level of expertise that is almost impossible to replicate in-house.

Cloud Telephony 

CSG helped A.T Morgan & Son break free from traditional IDSN through upgrading to cloud telephony solutions.

In 2019, CSG provided the tea, with a “very smooth process of installation for the telephones”, when A.T Morgan & Son redid the offices, they got a completely new telephone system, computers, monitors etc. and CSG helped make this entire process quick and efficient, so that the team could get back to work quickly.

“CSG were excellent in setting us up quickly and efficiently. We have had exceptional communication with Matthew.” 

CSG helped:

  • Reduced costs for A.T Morgan & Son and;
  • Ensured everyone could work from anywhere through the cloud

Cyber Security Assessment 365

CSA365 is an automated security assessment that provides insights into your organisations security vulnerabilities, based on data from your infrastructure and Microsoft 365 services. The latest project that CSG has worked on with A.T. Morgan & Sons is the Cyber Protection project. This involved:
CSA365 collects relevant data by:
  • Scanning the Active Directory and Azure AD
  • Scanning configuration & content of Office 365, SharePoint & Intune
  • Analysis of endpoints and other systems in on-premise network

With CSA365, CSG helped A.T. Morgan & Sons build their cyber security roadmap based on discovered facts from the 365 & Azure environment.

The service:

  • CSG managed the entire process so that A.T. Morgan & Sons didn’t have to worry
  • Provided intelligent analysis of the businesses security posture along with easy to follow steps for remedial action
  • Showed the team that they could all work towards compliance
  • Offered risk-based action plan for security improvements

2024 Plans

We cannot wait to provide A.T. Morgan & Son with continued support in 2024, we have already discussed some exciting new plans for the company including how all of their computers will need updating from windows 10 to latest update – we will also support replacing 4 desktops and 1 laptop, which has already begun.

Stephen of Stephen Morgan & Sons

“CSG are supporting our business ambitions in 2024 to further grow and develop. This helps reach the new demands of our sector helping us stay ahead of competitors" - Stephen of Stephen Morgan & Son.