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% TCO Decrease


Fixed Monthly Fee

Step One


Hutchinson Thomas are one of the leading law firms in South Wales, with state of the art offices in Neath and Swansea. Its team offer support in a number of areas including but not limited to; criminal law, employment law, family law, IP, medical negligence and property. It also has a reputation for providing its clients with the highest quality legal representation in its various specialist fields. After meeting at a legal event, Hutchinson Thomas asked us to advise on how best to improve performance reliability of their infrastructure, as well as offer advice on the general condition of their IT systems.

Step Two

Proposal and Recommendations

After conducting a Microsoft Network Audit, we recommended they enhance their existing infrastructure to improve performance reliability, utilise the CSG helpdesk for the 60 plus staff across both sites, implement critical proactive remote monitoring and management and move to a private, hybrid cloud IT solution with an on-site, cutting edge HP virtual server

Step Three

The Onboarding

Following discussions and approval from Hutchinson Thomas, CSG rolled out a large HP desktop and laptop farm with optimised equipment to replace existing legacy hardware, introduced inclusive helpdesk support through the 360° Managed Support Programme, implemented a leading backup and disaster recovery technology to provide ongoing data replication to ensure business continuity and administered cyber security services through Sophos Endpoint Encryption and Sophos Central Security Suite, that would provide two-factor authentication, as well as protect against emerging and evolving threats such as malware, ransomware and exploit kit attacks.

Step Four

Measuring Results

The solution has allowed Hutchinson’s staff to utilise an infrastructure that is easier to maintain and support, resulting in cost reductions for ongoing maintenance. There is a vital managed support service now in place from CSG and the network is monitored on a 24/7/365 basis. The 60 plus staff are supported via a 1st, 2nd and 3rd line tiered helpdesk system and deployment of new HP hardware has provided a substantial performance uplift, with a faster and more resilient infrastructure that will remain reliable should the worst happen.


What Hutchinson Thomas said

“It’s great to know all our technology needs are handled by one company. The quality of support CSG provide is superb, delivering a prompt response to all our technical queries. They are able to offer advice and support that is tailored to our needs. I would gladly recommend them to anyone.” Helen Rowden, Hutchinson Thomas Solicitors.

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