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Step One


The first stage in the CSG onboarding process is to get to know the customer. RDP Law were provided with a dedicated account manager who came to meet them and find out more about the company. RDP Law is a multi-disciplinary law, representing clients across various fields in Wales, South West of England and The Three Counties. They were suffering with poor performing IT systems and were looking for a solution.

Step Two

Proposals and Recommendations

RDP Law had a growing workforce, alongside an ageing server and hardware infrastructure. Efficiency and productivity were impacted by speed and performance issues. There were problems with versions of relevant documents created externally, as well as issues with storage on the mail server. Following a full audit of the IT infrastructure, our engineers recommened a new server and new hardware for the company. Our engineers also recommended that they move to Office 365 as well.

Step Three

The Onboarding

A third line engineer went to site and installed a HP high performance virtual server. This would provide domain control and datastore onsite would be implemented to replace the legacy 2003 server. The infrastructure was backed up to ensure continuity in the event of a hardware failure or disaster. The systems and data were replicated to the CSG Data Centre, providing continuity in the event of a failure. Most importantly, proactive managed support would ensure the systems are monitored and managed 24/7/365, identifying issues before they impacted the business.

Step Four

Measuring Results

Higher performing equipment and faster architecture means that employees and staff can work more efficiently. This is thanks to seamless integration with all devices, including tablets, mobiles, laptops and PC’s. Overall, total cost of ownership has been reduced as a result of lower hardware bills and reduced power consumption. What’s more, the new server uplift means that critical email services are migrated to the Microsoft Cloud. Most importantly CSG delivered a structured IT strategy and plan. Staff at all levels now benefit from accessing their desktop and data irrespective of what terminal or device they log into the system with.


What RDP Law said

“The upgrade in technology has ensured our systems are updated and our staff can work more productively. CSG Managed the project out of hours to provide minimum disruption to our systems and whenever there are support issues they are rectified in an appropriate manner and timeframe by CSG’s helpdesk team” – Danni Bryan, RDP Law.

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