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The Client

The Client

As part of the first stage of our onboarding process, CSG met with Ty Hafan to find out more about the charity. Ty Hafan is one of the UK’s leading paediatric palliative care charities, helping children and families throughout Wales. Based in the Vale of Glamorgan, there is a wide range of care and support offered.

Ty Hafan wanted CSG to advise on and implement a new phone system with minimal disruption to the phone lines. Telephones are the main channel for customer enquiries, donations and family contact for the children they support – these services could not be down during the process. The system had to be reliable, easy to navigate and full on-site training had to be provided.

The Background

The Background

Following an audit by a senior engineer, of not only the HQ systems but all critical services in the 30 plus shops, it was found that the old system was  ageing, costly and outdated. The various charity shops across Wales were not integrated into the core HQ system therefore internal communication was difficult and there was a lack of central visibility and reporting.

Ty Hafan needed a system that could cope with call demands across multiple sites, and modernise the way staff work, from the location of their choice and services delivered to different devices.  It was critical the proposed service would provide WFH support, be flexible to change and backend administration changes were easy to position.

Due to the number of sites and key requirements, CSG recommended TY Hafan migrate services to the CSG Cloud Telephony Platform, to not only improve business continuity but to take advantage of better technology and have a communications system that was fully adopted across all elements of the organisation. By moving to this service, Ty Hafan would see an increase in productivity and it would also reduce costs.  However this didn’t come with its own challenges of networking , connectivity and logistics of the deployment.

The Service

The Service

Following acceptance of the proposal, CSG projects team worked with Ty Hafan key stakeholders to start planning the project, what was needed to configure from the backend design of the system to ensure it met all core requirements of the various entities within the organisation and the logistics for the project.  The key areas were scoped and a plan shared to highlight what segments of work were happening, timescales and all other important factors.

For the backend setup within CSG workshops, our team configured the service in line with the project scope, bench set up over 160 x Polycom handsets and multiple sites.  Along with all other core telephony features such as hunt groups, auto attendant, music on hold and extension management, services were also required via soft clients on laptops and mobile devices.  The implementation was going to effect not only the large staff numbers at HQ but also the multiple shops across Wales.   The design to make it as simple as possible to use was a key area.

Alongside the telephony service, all shops needed to be upscaled for base level networking services, have connectivity upgrades and a roll out of managed routers and wireless equipment to help provide improvements for data capture within the shops.   Therefore the team had to preconfigure 32 x managed routers and build an extension to the wireless system, configuring 35 plus wireless access points.  All of this equipment had to be labelled , re-boxed and technically administered alongside the project delivery phases and connectivity site by site upgrades.

Upon completion of the back office configuration and build, CSG provided a team of engineers to manage the project delivery to each

site location, ensuring best practises were adopted, all services were operational and in working order before leaving the sites.

CSG provisioning and project engineers ported all existing site numbers to the new platfor, visited all 32 x sites to completed the required CPE needs and undertook any on-site training. All of this was implemented in line with the remit of Ty Hafan’s completion date.

The Result

The Result

An important area Ty Hafan firstly noticed was that the solution has created a positive vibe across all sites and have a new system that is working to the needs of the organisation. The service is  more resilient from a business continuity planning perspective and encompasses a modern approach to delivering converged services.  The staff are working off new devices, have mobiles integrated and working off laptop software based clients to ease the transition for those that work between locations. There was an overall benefit of new technology and from a commercial perspective, costs were reduced across telecoms services. This is now being invested in other areas of the charity to continually provide the top tier care that their families require.

The project was certainly challenging due to the number of faucets, technology hurdles and logistics.  However it was enjoyable all the same and at the same time rewarding helping TY Hafan, who are a truly inspirational organisation.


What Ty Hafan said

“We had an exceptional experience upgrading our telephone system with CSG. All the team right through from our Account Manager to the Projects Team were on hand with advice and support and we would happily recommend CSG to anyone looking to get more value from their communications systems and exploring a based cloud solution” – Sarah Pierce, Ty Hafan.

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