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Step One


DT Contracting (South West) carry out road surfacing, street works, external works and groundwork throughout South Wales and the South West. Following an initial meeting, they informed us that they were facing connection challenges whilst trying to support its ever growing IT users. As a result, the infrastructure was affecting broadband connection speeds, leading to some staff using mobile connections. Most importantly, productivity was inhibited by restricted speeds as the growth of the business required more bandwidth.

Step Two

Proposals and Recommendations

CSG evaluated the existing internet and broadband connections and made recommendations for an improvement in connectivity. It was also recommended they apply for funding under the Connection Voucher Scheme. This would provide up to £3,000 per business towards connection cost. As a result, they would have access to cloud based and remote access services, so the organisation had new options for how they chose to operate. As CSG are an Internet Service Provider, the grant enabled us to propose a superfast connection for DT Contracting, which would revolutionise their connectivity and internet services.

Step Three

The Onboarding

Following the audit, and with approval from DT Contrating, CSG engineers implemented the propsed recommendations across the site. The team also successfully completed the application for the Connection Voucher Scheme, saving the company thousands of pounds. Engineers also migrated the company data to the cloud, ensuring secure off-site backups.

Step Four

Measuring Results

The solution has allowed DT Contracting to take advantage of government funding available to them. It gives faster, reliable broadband speeds, greater cloud storage and a solution for the organisations critical data services. DT Contracting can now expand their digital footprint and allow users to connect in “real time”.


What DT Contracting said

“The CSG solution providing high speed broadband has revolutionised how our business can work with our customers and manage our data. The new service transforms access speeds and usability. In short the business can operate faster and has become more resilient” – Mike Wilding, DT Contracting

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