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The Client

The Client

Established in 1992, All Mastic Ltd is the leading mastic sealant application company in South-West England, servicing the commercial, industrial, civil and infrastructure sectors along with both the private and public housing sectors. 

All Mastic, who historically managed their IT requirements internally, were concerned they did not have adequate security or backup provisions in place to protect the business, and too much time was being spent correcting IT issues that pulled away from the day-to-day running of the business. Looking to correct this, All Mastic approached CSG to review their IT environment and provide recommendations to fill any gaps, as well as providing ongoing IT Maintenance/Support.

The Background

The Background

CSG visited All Mastic at their Bristol office to discuss their IT environment with the Senior Management Team, and quickly identified multiple pain points within their setup – no Backups of their Office 365 Accounts which is where all company emails and data are held – their 365 Tenant had no security hardening in place; most importantly no Multifactor Authentication (MFA) which requires a secondary form of user verification, nor was there a DMARC Policy in place to prevent spoof emails being sent from their domain. Whilst Endpoints had traditional Anti-Virus protection, there was no next-gen Anti-Ransomware protection in place, leaving the machines vulnerable to attack. 

CSG was quickly appointed as All Mastic’s IT Partner and tasked with reducing their IT vulnerabilities. An Onboarding Consultant visited their office to document all hardware and our MSP Agent was deployed onto all of the Endpoints, so we have the ability to provide remote support at any point. Sophos Intercept X replaced the current Endpoint AV product and Sophos Email Security was introduced to screen in/outbound mail, hugely reducing the chances of malicious content reaching their employee’s mailboxes. 

Microsoft invoicing was migrated to CSG and backups were deployed via Datto SaaS Protection; a fully automated solution that completes multiple daily backups with a lengthy retention policy, giving All Mastic multiple recovery points should the worst happen. CSG’s best practice configurations were made to their 365 tenant with MFA immediately enabled across all accounts and DNS records updated to include a DMARC Policy for email authentication. 

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The Result

The Result

All Mastic’s partnership with CSG and the IT Managed Service ensures all staff have access to a technical resource to assist with any IT issues. Backup and Security concerns have been addressed, and to further improve preventive measures, an IT Strategy has been developed and is proactively reviewed on a quarterly basis with their Account Manager.   

Dameon, All Mastic’s Account Manager said: 

‘All Mastic’s IT environment was no different to the majority of SMEs I visit where there is no internal IT resource, or where they’re partnering with another IT MSP who isn’t proactively engaging with them around backups and cyber security. The services introduced to All Mastic are all part of their IT Managed Service, paid monthly with no cap-ex costs and immediately strengthened their cyber security posture, with little to no involvement from the client. I’m really happy with the changes we’ve made and look forward to our next project. ‘

The Testimonial

What The Client Said … 

I was spending too much time managing the IT and needed someone to educate me around the pain points within our IT setup. Dameon visited the office to discuss our requirements, confirmed vulnerabilities I had suspicions about and came back to us with a proposal the next iday with a solution to address all. The onboarding went smoothly and I now have confidence our IT systems are secure with sufficient preventive measures in place to protect our business. 

John O’Connor – Commercial Manager.